Republican Mudslinging Against Nikki Haley?

This is a copy and paste from: http://www.politicsdaily.com/2010/09/30/midterm-roundup-nikki-haleys-latest-headache-and-more/

I’m curious if anyone has more information on this. It sounds like the establishment is trying to undo her campaign and will do anything to stop her.

South Carolina

Some Fellow Republicans Say They Want Answers from Haley on Adultery Allegations

Republican Senate nominee Nikki Haley weathered accusations of marital infidelity in winning her underdog campaign for South Carolina’s GOP nomination, but now The State (Columbia, S.C.) newspaper says a small group of prominent state Republicans is forming "The Committee for Truth in Politics" to demand answers from Haley on the allegations.
"There are questions that are on the minds of many conservatives and that we have a right to ask and expect to get answers on," said Cyndi Mosteller, according to The State. Mosteller is a former first vice chairwoman of the state GOP and a co-chairman of the new group.

The State quoted a spokesman for Haley as saying, "Nikki has answered all the relevant questions on those matters, and she is resolutely focused on where the overwhelming majority of South Carolinians want her to be, namely, on how to create jobs, limit the size of state government, and improve our schools."

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