John Boehner: Wrong Man At The Wrong Time

So, I come across a link to "The Hill" while going through Taegan Goddard’s page and read that John Boehner says: "It’s time for us as Americans to have an adult conversation with each other about the serious challenges that face our country,"

An "adult conversation"? It seems to me that this is a different way of saying "teachable moment". How much longer will we tolerate being patronized? "The Pledge To America" is uninspiring to say the least. But what do you expect from a man that is about as charasmatic as a meat loaf without the ketchup?

John Boehner would obviously be better than Nancy Pelosi. He has a great track record and is a nice guy or so he seems. So what? I always thought Charlie Rangel an amusing fellow, irrespective of the politics. Boehner’s been in DC for twenty years. He was one of seven freshmen that exposed the House Bank. Remember the bounced checks? We forget how that helped lay the groundwork for a majority. It doesn’t matter anymore. He’s been there too long. Mind you, if I could get that bold first term John Boehner as Speaker, I’d be wildly enthusiastic, but that guy’s long gone. He’s become insulated in a system he once challenged.

Then there are the comments by himself and Eric Cantor about not ruling out earmarks in a new majority. Think they are bluffing? Try and find an earmarks ban in the new "Pledge".

Many have been critical of Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn as his Senate counterparts, but at least they in the wake of multiple primary upsets seem to have gotten their act together. They now understand through defeat what is happening in the country.Boehner does not get it. I wish it were otherwise, but it is not. The fire, the energy, the passion,the principled opposition to President Obama is lacking.We need bold leadership.

There are many I fear who are misinterpreting the trends. Mid terms are typically anti incumbent. This election cycle is more energized due to Obama’s unpopular policies. They have mobilized conservatives and independents. It is the latter that will make the difference. In this cycle, Independents are swinging our way because we are not Obama. They don’t like Republicans either. So, if we get the big wins will you be comforted by Boehner’s declaration that the voters have "rejected" Obama and given him a "mandate"? I won’t because I think independents can turn on a new House just as quick as it turned on Obama. I’d like to believe that a majority of people are embracing conservatism and it is ascendant, but that interpretation would defy the political history of the nation.

John Boehner is not the face of conservatism. He is the wrong man at the wrong time. New leadership in a new House of Representatives is essential.