Christine O'Donnell: An Unqualified Conservative

Red State.com among many other sites have struggled with the candidacy of Christine O’Donnell for the U.S. Senate in Delaware. As a native Philadelphian I think I know a little bit about Delaware. Not a lot, but just enough. Long gone are Pete DuPont and Bill Roth, two genuine conservatives.

Is Delaware at present receptive to conservatives? No. It is a blue state that could be purple, but not very likely red. It’s just the way it is. So, why would Delaware voters embrace a self described conservative like Christine O’Donnell? Why would Delaware voters embrace a conservative who so poorly articulates conservative principles and is so lacking the values as a living example of those principles?

I’ve seen her interviewed by Neil Cavuto. She not a lightweight, she’s just strange. That’s my assessment. In a perfect world we could elect rock ribbed conservatves anywhere, but we know that’s not true. Moreover, why would we want someone who identifies as conservative repeatedly embarrassing herself in public interviews? Just because she shares our point of view does not mean she is qualified to be a United States Senator. Qualifications matter, regardless of the core beliefs. I can’t stand Russ Feingold’s politics, but he is a clear, articulate spokesman for liberalism and comports himself with the dignity that we as Americans ought to expect from a Senator. I hope he loses, but I respect his demeanor. It matters.

Christine O’Donnell does not possess the qualities,character and temperment that we ought to require from any candidate for public office. As conservatives we have an obligation to consider carefully those who would be public spokesmen or women for conservative principles.

I know what many will say. Do you really want Mike Castle? If I could get Pete DuPont or the late Bill Roth, then the answer is no, but their not around amymore. For the first time this year every professional prognosticator has lined up with Dick Morris’ assessment that the Senate is in play. That assumes a pick up in Delaware. O’Donnell loses in Delaware. She would lose big. Castle would very likely win, barring a miracle by the DEMS. Were O’Donnell to beat Castle any chance of Jeff Sessions presiding over the Judiciary Committee goes up in flames. Castle will infuriate us, you and me both, but his victory puts the gavel all the more closer to Senators who will hold President Obama’s feet to the fire. Sometimes compromise does yield to a promising outcome.

I disagree with Bill Castle and I wish there were a viable and articulate conservative alternative. The alternative in Christine O’Donnell does not meet that criteria. The choice is between a respectable dissident from almost all things conservative and and incompetent, inarticulate conservative acolyte named Christine O’Donnell. She would embarrass not adavnce and cause more harm than good. Holding your nose sucks, but it is necessary in Delaware. The wise move is to settle for the dissident.

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