Profiles in Cowardice: Lee Fisher

So what exactly is going on with Lee Fisher and Jennifer Brunner in the Democratic primary for the US Senate seat in Ohio? The two candidates seem intent on ignoring each other and the party and its interest groups seem to have sworn an oath to avoid talking about the primary (the biggest in this important state in a critical year).

First, there was some confusion over whether Brunner was or was not at the President’s visit to Strongsville yesterday. It turns out she was there but President Obama apparently snubbed her! As I noted on Twitter, Obama snubs a women but praises the men? Good thing the president doesn’t have a history of belittling women …

We do know that Lee Fisher was definitely not at the rally. Why? Well, he said he had to attend the meeting with the Plain Dealer. But obviously Secretary of State Brunner was able to attend both while the former jobs czar used it as an excuse to miss it. Interesting. What is Lee up to?

But then Fisher was supposed to be on WFIN in Findley to discuss the health care debate. But it turns out he was a no-show. Let’s go to the transcript:

Not sure exactly what happened to Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher. Of course we mentioned not only the current Lieutenant Governor and candidate for US Senate seat now being held by Sen. George Voinovich was scheduled to be with us on the program in this half hour. [HE] scheduled to be with us to talk about his campaign hand the key issues he saw in terms of the important stuff for Ohio moving forward especially in this period of economic recovery .

We were planning on talking to him about that in this half hour but nothing, not sure what happened. We did confirm yesterday that he was supposed to be with us and then this morning nothing.

So not sure exactly what’s going on there. Hopefully we can reschedule and maybe get the Lieutenant Governor on the program yet this week because one of the things I wanted to ask him about was this health care vote in Washington. He wants to go to the Senate so wanted to ask where he stood on this whole healthcare debate that seems to be coming to a head this week.

Wow, that’s embarrassing!

So Brunner looks to take advantage of this sending out an email yesterday with the subject line “A Time for Courage”

Yesterday I was at the rally in Strongsville where President Obama eloquently and passionately exhorted Congress to pass health care reform. He pointed to the hand-wringing going on among Democrats in Congress over the political consequences to them of voting for health care reform. A woman in the audience shouted out, “We need courage!” The President paused and flashed one of his fierce smiles. “That’s what we need,” he agreed, as the crowd roared its approval. “That’s why I came here today. We need more courage.”

Of course, I am not sure I would call supporting a piece of legislation that a majority of Ohioans oppose as courageous but these emails tend to be over-the-top.

But if Brunner is courageous to support the health care bill and show up to support President Obama on the issue (even if she isn’t recognized for doing it at the time) then what does that make Lee Fisher’s duck and cover routine on the issue?

To adopt a famous turn of phrase: A Profile in Cowardice?

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