Cleveland Jewish News Smears Rob Portman

UPDATE: Cleveland Jewish News has changed the headline. It now reads: “State reps urge Portman to sever ties over group’s “Nazi” posting” See? That is the kind of power this blog wields …

I wasn’t planning on writing on this issue (I have little time to write as it is) but when Leon pointed out this headline on Red Hot I felt compelled to post:

State reps urge Portman to sever ties over “Nazi” past

When you read that headline what do you think? You think Rob Portman has some sort of connection to Nazi’s in his past, right? It clearly implies a connection between Portman and Nazi’s; a skeleton in the closet that requires he come clean.

Now those who follow Ohio politics more closely might know that this is not the case. They might actually know that this issue is a trumped up red hearing put together by desperate Democrats hoping to distract voters from real issues.

You see, an organization known as COAST (Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending & Taxes) used a bit of hyperbole on their web page. Here is the outrageous hate speech in question:

COAST started with just two people, and virtually no funds, yet has had a profound effect upon politics in southwest Ohio. The Nazis in the State Legislature have created draconian campaign finance reporting laws that make criminals of those who fail to complete their paperwork correctly, but COAST refuses to be cowed by this intimidation and we encourage you to jump through their hoops and attempt to comply with their silly forms. It is important. You activism is needed. The Ohio Secretary of State has the rules for establishing and running a PAC.

Now would I have used that kind of terminology? No. Is it effective or appropriate? No.

But does it rise to the level of outrage that public office holders must sever any and all ties with the group and denounce them in public? Um, no.

But the Democrats being Democrats they have to hammer this fake issue as if it had something to do with real people and real issues. Like, I don’t know, jobs or something.

Normally, I would just ignore it and chuckle at the idiocy of the Democratic outrage machine. After all, there was a Democratic elected official at the recent COAST fundraiser so the outrage must not extend too far.

And we all know how polite and unoffensive the liberal interest groups are, right? I mean it isn’t like left wing activists are hyper-aggressive, vulgar, attack dogs without the slightest sense of decency or historical awareness. Wait …

But Cleveland Jewish News owes Rob Portman an apology. If they want to crank out news stories based on Democrat press releases like their colleagues in the media that is one thing. But to manufacture a headline that accuses Portman of a “Nazi past” based on one word on an organizations web page is beyond the pale. They of all people should understand this.

Maybe then we can get back to talking about how Ohio can quit hemorrhaging jobs and devastating families and communities.

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