Ohio Governor Strickland: incompetent or corrupt?

The scandals just keep coming from the Strickland administration:

A state investigation of an alleged scheme to cover up the use of illegal immigrants to remodel a state-leased office building is now in the hands of the Franklin County prosecutor’s office.

But state troopers say they had to stand their ground to ensure the case reached the prosecutor.

Former State Highway Patrol Lt. Col. William Costas, who retired this month as the agency’s No. 2 leader, said investigators had to defend their authority to investigate the case under questioning from the top two lawyers to Gov. Ted Strickland.

Two points stand out to me:

  • Prosecutor Ron O’Brien finds the questioning by the governor’s lawyers odd, saying it was clear the patrol had authority to investigate and serve search warrants in the case.
  • An investigation by The Dispatch found that the meeting came after a lobbyist close to Strickland met with Markus on behalf of the company under criminal scrutiny. The two men met two days before the patrol began its probe.

Correlation does not equal causation and all that but this is fishy to no end.

Oh, you want a little insight into how Democratic politics works? Here you go:

Andrew Fries, the lobbyist’s son, is a $41,273-a-year aide to Strickland. Another son, Thomas Fries Jr., makes $100,178 annually as executive director of the Ohio State Racing Commission, the board of which is appointed by the governor. Fries Sr. and his wife, Mary, have donated $23,750 to Strickland’s gubernatorial campaigns since 2005.

If you add up all the various scandals and missteps of this administration there are really only two options: incompetent or corrupt. Either Strickland is incapable of finding people of integrity to work in his administration or he is playing politics with the law and seeking to reward/protect cronies.

Personally, I embrace the healing power of AND …

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