Bill Johnson announces for Ohio's 6th Congressional district

I thought I would pass this along in case you hadn’t seen it elsewhere. From the press release:

Conservative Republican Bill Johnson today announced his candidacy for Congress in Ohio’s 6th district.

Johnson is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, entrepreneur and currently servesas Chief Information Officer of a publicly traded manufacturing company.

He says his experiences have helped propel his decision to run for office.

“Serving in the military gave me opportunities that I might never have had and I see public service as a way to give back,” Johnson said. “And there’s certainly a need – our government is dangerously off track.”

Johnson has been considering a run with an exploratory committee since October. During that time he’s traveled thousands of miles and met hundreds of people. He’s raised $107,000.00 for his campaign so far.

“President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Charlie Wilson appear to think that more government is the solution to every problem,” Johnson said. “But, no one outside the D.C. beltway thinks bigger government, more debt and higher taxes are the answer.”

Who is Bill Johnson? Short bio blurb:

Bill Johnson retired from the Air Force after a 27-year career and cofounded Johnson-Schley Management Group, Inc., an information technology (IT) consulting company. Later, he formed J2 Business Solutions, Inc., where he focused on providing executive level IT support as a contractor to the U.S. military. Since 2006, Johnson has served as Chief Information Officer of a global manufacturer serving the transportation industry. Johnson and his wife LeeAnn live with son Nathan in Poland, Ohio.

Press release also notes: “A new, robust website will be launched soon at www.BillJohnsonLeads.com.”

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