Rob Portman US Senate Campaign Update

I had the chance to stop by the new campaign headquarters of Rob Portman today as they kick their US Senate campaign into full gear in 2010.

Portman was kind enough to take a moment to give me an update which I captured with my handy-dandy Flip Video camera.

Rasmussen in early December reported the following:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state shows Portman now leading Brunner 40% to 33% after holding a two-point advantage in September. Just seven percent (7%) would choose another candidate, but 20% are undecided at this point.

Portman continues to run nearly even with Fisher 38% to 36%. In their match-up, 18% of Ohio voters are undecided, while another eight percent (8%) prefer another candidate. The two were virtually tied in September as well, with Portman just ahead 41% to 40%.