Liberals suddenly not so keen on democracy

When I am in need of some comic relief I often head over to the left side of the Ohio blogosphere to see what the liberals are up to.  What I am finding these days is that the denial is thick on the ground.  As polls tumble, editorial boards across the state pummel the governor, and as the national media mocks him the lefty blogs angrily attack the all powerful Ohio Senate led by Bill Harris.

And they are not going to just sit around and take it either.  No, they are taking up arms against their oppressor!  Well, they have launched a Twitter campaign anyway …

But what I find interesting is their sudden loss of confidence in the process of democracy; in the will of the people.  Convinced that the GOP led Senate is – gasp! – playing politics with the budget what do they suggest?  Why getting rid of the Senate of course (and moves are apparently afoot as we speak) .

When Senate President Bill Harris introduced a proposal to break the budget impasse that matched the strong public opinion on the matter they accused him of “hiding behind a poll.”

I find all of this comical.  So it is leadership for Governor Strickland to go back on his word, and against the clear opinions of the voters, but it is political cowardice for Senator Harris to offer a solution that keeps his word and is favored by voters by an overwhelming margin? Ah, lefty logic.

Here is a tip for liberal Democrats.  If you want to change the Senate try running some decent candidates and stop choosing far left grandstanding talk first think second types as minority leaders.

Here is another tip.  Voters are never going to blame Bill Harris for the budget problems; most probably don’t even know who he is.  Nope, they are going to blame the man at the top.  That is how it works – ask Bob Taft – so I would start figuring out a way for Ted Strickland to salvage some dignity and political capital instead of posting on unicameral legislatures and tweeting Kevin DeWine.

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