Stivers sets up rematch with Kilroy in OH-15

Stivers announced his intentions on Twitter (@Steve_Stivers) this morning: “I’m Running for Congress in 2010!”

The Dispatch has the details and some quotes:

Republican Steve Stivers today will announce his candidacy for the 15th Congressional District of Ohio, setting up a 2010 rematch against Democratic Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, who narrowly beat him last year.

Stivers, 44, plans to kick off his campaign this morning from the steps of the Union County Courthouse in Marysville. He hopes to unseat Kilroy in a district ranked among the most competitive in the nation.

“It was a pretty close race last year, and I expect it will be a hard-fought and close race next year,” Stivers said yesterday.

Kilroy defeated Stivers by 2,312 votes out of more than 304,000 cast in the district, which includes all of Union and Madison counties and parts of Columbus and the western suburbs of Franklin County.

Stivers notes that a lot has changed already in the political climate:

Incumbency has made Kilroy more vulnerable, Stivers said, because she has compiled a voting record that is too liberal for a district known to be moderate.

Stivers and his wife, Karen, are expecting a daughter in September, and he decided to run, in part, because he fears “out-of-control federal spending” is mortgaging the future for young people.

“The day she is born in September, she’ll owe $35,000 as her part of the national debt,” Stivers said. “There’s a ton of wild spending going on, and we’ve got to figure out how to rein it in.”

This was expected to a certain degree, but good to have it confirmed.  The GOP has to be happy about this one.  Let’s hope conservatives and others opposed to Kilroy don’t cut off their nose to spite their face this time around.

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