New poll shows Ohioans lean Right on social issues

Ohio Right to Life released a new poll which they describe as the Ohio Cultural Index.  The index’s significant findings include:

  • 72% of Ohioans’ surveyed strongly believe in God;
  • 60% oppose abortion;
  • 54% believe abortion has a negative effect on women who have them;
  • 70% oppose use of taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion;
  • 45% believe entertainment today negatively impacts families;
  • 51% believe government policies are harming traditional family values;
  • 54% believe schools undermine values taught at home; and
  • 54% believe families do a worse job of developing character than a generation ago.

Some pretty interesting results:

The score indicates Ohioans are generally center-right in their social outlook, and hold an overall positive view of the state’s culture. However, on seven of the 10 questions, Ohioans have a more negative than positive perception. “Ohioans’ belief in God, their belief that tax dollars should not be used to pay for abortions, and their belief that abortions have a negative effect on the women who have them pushed the index above the ‘break-even’ mark of 50,” said Fritz Wenzel, president of Wenzel Strategies and a former pollster with Zogby International.

You can dig into the findings here (PDF).

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