Ohio Democrats must be worried

Because they are really ratcheting up the lame attacks on John Kasich.  First, they offered this lame website making the accusation that Kasich’s job at Lehman Brothers somehow makes him responsible for the firms collapse, the housing bubble, and the general economic crisis.

I thought Kasich handled that one best:

“Blaming me for Lehman Brothers is like blaming a car dealer in Zanesville for the collapse of General Motors,” Kasich said. “It’s patently absurd.”

Do the Democrats really want to get into an argument about what caused the housing boom and bust?  Do they want to talk about all the connected Democrats who worked for Fannie May and Freddie Mac, got huge bonuses and then paid no price when the whole thing crashed (even as they insisted that nothing was wrong)?  Not too mention the Democrats who insisted on the policy of getting anyone into home ownership no matter the qualifications or credit record.  This is to say nothing of the millions of dollars Democrats have taken from Wall Street firms and individuals. This kind of guilt by association is weak tea.

Not content with a fake web page, however, they have now begun to demand that Kasich release not only his tax returns, but complete details on his work at Lehman and, get this, his entire economic platform:

So, we thought we’d ask John Kasich once again: What did you do at Lehman Brothers? And which taxes would you raise – or which services would you cut – to pay for your proposal to eliminate the state income tax? Ohioans deserve to know.

How bold of Democrats to demand Kasich explain his entire economic platform for years in the future a year and a half before the election.  Gotcha!

Um, no. I happened to be at the speech where Kasich discussed getting rid of the income tax.  And it was very clearly a long term goal; an example of the bold thinking needed to really change the state’s economic future.  And given the facts on high income states discussed in the last post, a good indicator that Kasich is thinking the right thoughts.

To say that he must outline the technical details behind such a policy is again absurd.  Heck, Ted Strickland – the actual elected governor of Ohio, responded to a $3.2 billion deficit with $2 billion in cuts.  I demand Ted Strickland tell us exactly how he plans to balance the budget!  What are you hiding Ted?!?!

Heck, how long did it take Strickland to put details to his education reform plan? He was elected for two years before he offered any details.

Nice little press release from Chris Redfern.  Clip a bunch of newspaper stories noting that Kasich hasn’t outlined any specifics and act like there is a conspiracy going on.  It was an announcement speech, Chris.  I am pretty sure you know what those are and how they work.  No one is shocked that two weeks later Kasich hasn’t formulated a budget plan to eliminate the Ohio income tax.  And your pathetic press releases and lame websites aren’t going to change anything.

Maybe you should focus on helping Strickland find that other $1.2 billion …

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