Chuck Norris endorses John Kasich

Cross Posted to Ohio Politics Online

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland must have had an odd tingly sensation run up his spine on Monday. Why the sudden sense of fear?  Chuck Norris endorsed John Kasich’s bid for governor of Ohio:

John Kasich is running for governor of Ohio. As his website conveys, Kasich is the son of a mailman, who grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in Pennsylvania. His values are rooted in faith, family, community and common sense. John was elected to the Ohio State Senate at the age of 26 and to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1982 at the age of 30. As a nine-term congressman, John led the way in a variety of groundbreaking achievements, including constructing and implementing plans to balance the federal budget, create new jobs, reduce taxes, minimize the roles of government and other critical issues important to America’s founders. John is also well known as the host of a national weekly news show called “Heartland with John Kasich. Newsweek magazine named him one of its “100 people for the 21st century.”

As Ohio Capital Blog noted on Twitter: “Chuck Norris doesn’t endorse candidates. He wills them into office.”

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