The media buys Obama's abortion con

ABC News:

The Democratic Party is planning a convention designed to soften the edges on the party’s support for abortion rights, with a revamped platform and a speaking lineup that reinforces efforts to broaden Democrats’ appeal on the hot-button issue.

Oh sure, if by softening you mean being even more pro-abortion than ever. [Obama supports a policy] (http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=N2NmMGNkMTdkZWJkZWRkMjRkNjY5NjllNzZlYjkyNmY=)that can arguably be called infanticide and the [Democrats remove language from the platform] (http://blog.beliefnet.com/stevenwaldman/2008/08/draft-democratic-platform-plan.html) that called for abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare” and insisted on a right to an abortion regardless of the ability to pay. So abortion on demand paid for by the government. This is softening? Just because a nominally pro-life politician gets a speaking slot and some pro-life folks were in on the discussions?

This is the media buying the spin. The Democrats having been trying to soften their image for some time but the hard core abortion zealots get angry even when they move rhetorically to the center – hence the platform changes. But the key is that all of this is mere appearances. They have never supported anything in actual policy. No parental notification, no to partial birth bans, no to required counseling, etc.

They want you to believe that government spending on pre and post natal care or other welfare programs somehow makes them compassionate and working to reduce the need for abortion. But this is the part of the con as well. The sanctity of life can not be massaged away by government spending or programs. The issue is the murder of millions of innocent children not how best to encourage healthy children.

And Obama even voted against giving children born in a botched abortion this fundamental right to life – a policy that NARAL refused to oppose! Does the fact that he supports more government spending on natal health care suddenly change the fact that he supports the deliberate killing of innocent babies living and breathing outside the womb?!?!

Obama may talk nice about pro-lifers and use his famous charm but he is an abortion extremist. The media simply refuses to accurately report the truth.

And pro-life voters shouldn’t be conned by this ruse.