Introducing Obama's Con

I hope Redstate readers will once again indulge my self-promotion, but I wanted to make them aware of a new blog:

Obama's Con

I know you are probably thinking that the last thing the world needs is another political blog. But it is my hope that the focus of this particular blog will be helpful (not to mention interesting).

Here is how I laid it out in the About page:

The premise behind this site is rather simple: Barack Obama is running as a political messiah to hide the fact that he is a conventional liberal Democrat with more charisma than experience. His campaign is the ultimate triumph of style over substance; of hype over accomplishment. It is a confidence game where he wins and the country loses.

Obama is seeking to tempt voters from across the political spectrum to vote for him not because they agree with his positions but because he is a symbol onto which they can project their hopes and dreams. He is tempting them to risk electing one of the most liberal, and inexperienced, politicians in a generation just because they are tired of the fallen nature of politics; tired of conflict, confrontation and compromise.

But in the place of the hard work of real change he offers only the mystical powers of his own celebrity image and personality. As if the history of the country, nay the world, was leading up to this moment. No matter how many big speeches he gives, however, he can’t change the nature of our system of government or human nature. Conflict will continue. Compromise will still be necessary. Politics will remain the art of the possible. Obama wants you to believe that he can change all of this; that he represents something different.

This site is devoted to exposing this temptation as the sucker bet that it is. Underneath Obama’s vague platitudes and charming personality is a moribund liberalism that brings not “Hope and Change” but stagnation and a loss of freedom. Despite his desperate attempts to tact towards the center Obama supports abortion on demand, tax increases not seen since the 1970’s, more government regulation of the economy, and a foreign policy that seeks the approval of citizens of the world rather than furtherance of American national interests.

So whether you are conservative, liberal or somewhere in between the goal here is the same: to get past the hype and media buzz to focus on what kind of politician Obama really is and what his election would really mean for our country.

The site has just gotten off the ground, but in the coming weeks I hope to produce enough quality content to make it one of your regular stops for election opinion and analysis.

As always, feedback and reactions appreciated whether via comments or email.