How Bout a Celebrity Tax?

There is a lot of talk about raising revenues or taxes, especially on the wealthy. The number 1 reason given against raising taxes on the wealthy is that it will hurt job creation. So I have an idea. A celebrity tax. It would be a 50% tax rate of their income.

The celebrity tax would be a tax hike for anybody making over 1 million[the starting point can be higher if you wish] that raises taxes on anybody that makes 1 million a year and doesn’t pay at least 10 employees full time on their payroll. And for every 100,000 they make over they must have an additional person on the payroll. If you make 5 million, you must have 50 full time employees.

If you are concerned about somebody who barely makes 1 million and only had 7 workers. Fine, lets start it at 1.5 million then. Or two million. Or even 3 million.

I believe this tax would almost exclusively tax the non job creators. Hollywood, athletes, TV news people, the music industry. All the people raving how we should raise taxes would get the tax they want.

I think this makes tons of practical since. Who is against it and why? Other then the never raise taxes mantra, I see no flaw.