Electability Games

The midwest is supposed to be this years battle ground. Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Iowa. How is Mitt Romney going to win in these states when 26% of the midwest says they will never vote for a Mormon according to Gallup? Why isn’t anybody talking about this number? Its disastrous!

Nationally, here is what Gallup says people are unwilling to vote for…..


If you added up all the other things, they still beat the Mormon candidate. Samantha Davis Jr. would have a better shot then Mitt Romney.

Throw in Romney being terrible in a tough interview. His lack of charisma. Finally the game plan the media and Dems have hatched the last 6 months to do the 99-1, wall street-main street, super rich vs middle class strategy and Romney will become Mr. Unelectable when the media begins to focus negatively on him.

When they say Mitt is a phony flip flopper, will you be able to deny that? Who will fight for Mitt Romney when the shots begin?

Look at how difficult it is for Mitt to actually get votes in a primary when EVERYTHING is pushing him on the voters. The mainstream media hasn’t touched him the last few years. Fox News couldn’t have been more manipulative for Mitt the last few months. Drudge the last few weeks. Almost every national columnist is attacking any challenger. Almost every elected official is either endorsing him or defending him. Tons of money and organization. Yet he still might lose to Newt freakin Gingrich! Gallup has it Newt 31-25 as we speak nationally.

The establishment hooked their train to the Mitt express and convinced everybody worth a crap not to run. Then had 4 divisive conservatives to split the conservative vote in case somebody like Palin or Perry ran. Nobody will ever convince me the establishment didn’t push Michelle Bachmann to run to cat fight with Palin if she had entered. Why hasn’t Bachmann or especially Cain endorsed Newt? Where is fellow Georgian Herman Cain’s endorsement!

If Mitt loses, I can only hope this destroys the establishment and their “electability” games they have been using against conservatives the last 30 years.

Down goes Dole
Down goes McCain
Down goes Romney

Three strikes and your are knocked out establishment.