A Month Is A Lifetime

I am leaning Newt, but am deep down more of an anybody but Romney guy. Since I would be fine with Rick Perry and believe in honesty, I give the following advice to the Rick Perry fans with a humane open heart. Don’t give up on Rick Perry…….yet.

Some are saying Perry just isn’t catching on and therefore its hopeless. My advice is look at the 2008 Republican primary before you throw in the towel. Below are the averages taken from the 4 polls[CNN, Survey USA, CBS and Rasmussen] in South Carolina in MID DECEMBER, 2007….

South Carolina 4 poll averages between December 9-17


Also the 4 polls from Florida in MID DECEMBER[Rasmussen, Quinnipiac, Survey USA, and Strategic Vision]….

Florida 4 poll averages between December 13-18


McCain not only won each state just 4 and 6 weeks later, he won comfortably by 3 and 5 points and the race was effectively over. That’s right, just 6 weeks after these pathetic polls in which he was a distant 4th and 5th, he was coasting to the nomination. How soon we forget how long a month is in politics.

All I ask in return for this generous information is that you please never support Mitt Romney and maybe tone down the anti-Newt rhetoric here. Dude deserves a little more respect for his actual conservative accomplishments which are historic.