Palin And Perry Running

Palin running will help the Conservatives and Perry. First, anybody think the debates will be more watched with her in them. This will give Perry an opportunity to impress these new eyes that he otherwise would not have had. Also, she will help draw fire from the media away from Perry. Similar to what she did in the 2010 election. It wasn’t until a few weeks before that election the Dems realised maybe they should be going after Boehner instead of Palin. But by then, it was too late.

Secondly, she will be another voice going after Obama. The more doing this, the merrier. She will also make Perry more electable. That can’t effectively say Palin…… and Bachmann…… and Paul…….. and Perry are ALL unelectable. Or Palin…… and Bachmann……. and Paul……. and Perry are all extremists. Her running dilutes these arguments against Perry. And trust me, they will eventually start saying Perry is unelectable. They are already saying he is an extremist.

Thirdly, if Perry and Romney end up as the front runners, anybody think she would endorse Romney? Finger in the wind Romney? After South Carolina or Florida, if she is behind she can finish off Romney with her endorsement if that is the scenario.

Fourthly, from what I have seen so far, Perry needs to be sharpened up a bit. A good primary campaign with tough competition will be good for Perry and help prepare him for Obama.

Fifthly, wouldn’t a Palin grass roots organization be hugely beneficial to Perry or whoever the Republican nominee is in the general election? If she doesn’t run, it won’t be there.

Finally, Romney has been gradually fading in the polls for months, now down in the teens. Romney has already lost 5-7 points in the last 3 months. He won’t be the nominee if Palin and Perry both run. Once Romneycare goes full tilt in the national discussion, Romney will fade further.

The more conservatives in the primary the better. What do we do if Perry combusts? What if a scandal happens? Or he is a much worse campaigner then you think? Or he gets sick? What is your conservative option then? Why not let Palin potentially rehab her image by running and be a conservative option?