B-Day....How To Wage War Against Media Bias


What about trying a new D-Day?

Republicans all believe the media is bias. They simply are afraid the media will use their Alinsky tactics on them and try to destroy them if they talk about it. Politicians are about survival. They are afraid to be the first one. So I have a plan. Call it B-Day. First, have the conservative movement and blogosphere convince the Republican establishment that this needs to end for the betterment of the Republican party and the country. Its in the best interest of even the Republican establishment. Convince the party to gather all the evidence on the subject of media propaganda. I personally could write a 100 page diatribe on the subject. Brent Bozell could write a 1000 page book. There could end up being 10,000 plus facts on the topic. Polls, studies, anecdotal evidence, etc.

Then the Republican establishment leaders[Rove-Gillespie-Boehner, whoever the secret powers that be are] go to ALL the Republican presidential canidates  and convince them all to grow some cojones. And during one of the debates, when the first person gets asked  a bias question, to have them hijack the question and go nuclear on the media. Not a “the media is a touch biased” comment. No, but instead “the media are a propagandist machine” rant. Then let loose with the facts that he has been given. Then when the next candidate is asked a separate question, have him revert back to the last topic, media bias. And have him give more facts and have him talk about it in even more extreme terms. And again and again and again and again. Each candidate talking about different facts on the topic. There is strength and courage in numbers. Storm the beaches. Then after the debate have the Republicans and conservatives who will be on TV to talk about the debate ready to talk about what just happened with even more facts. These are the paratroopers. Then have lots of effective Republicans to come in to talk on TV in the days after. The reinforcements.

Prepare it all in the days leading up to the debate. Even if the media hears rumors about this it doesn’t matter, it will still work. It will be a cluster bomb of facts and truth. The truth shall set the Republicans free. Lets Alinsky the media.  What can they say? Oh, that whiny Republican party? Even the Democrats will be put into a corner. Our ammunition on this topic is too great.

Would all Republicans say that the media is bias? My prediction is that if we can convince the leaders like Boehner and the Bushies and the Rombots that its good for them, I predict even the Maine Twins will be peer pressured into admitting the truth. Because its the truth for gods sake. And trust me establishment Republicans, you are next in line to be attacked by the media.

If done properly there would only be one casualty, the main stream media’s agenda. The press won’t be harmed by this, it may actually be an effective treatment for dying journalism.


And if not taken up by the Republican establishment, then have the conservative movement do it on their own. Every conservative blog devote a day to it. Every conservative columnist. Have talk radio talk about it on the same day. Have every talking head conservative[what few there are] hijack TV conversations and talk about it. And hopefully have EVERY conservative politician make a speech about it. Write an oped about it. ALL on the same day. It still might be enough to create a conversation by the media and stem the madness.
However, try to get the establishment on board first.


For me, the media is a bigger long term concern then the Democrats are. The Democrats can be voted out as we saw recently. But the media can’t. And its the media that give the Democrats their power. They elected Obama. The last 3 years the media has stopped even trying to be fair and they are only going to get worse. How much farther will they go?