NAPCA---Are air traffic controllers really sleeping on the job?

When lightning strikes twice, its an amazing coincidence. When it strikes six times in less then a month, it may be a conspiracy. Since March 23rd when the first sleeping situation occurred by an air traffic controller at an airport in Washington DC and got tons of national coverage, a total of 6 sleeping incidents have plagued American airports including in Miami and Reno. According to this story about the first occurrence in DC, “Aviation experts emphasized the unusual nature of the incident”.  Yet now it occurs six times in less then a month?  Notice also where the first sleeping incident occurred, Reagan International Airport. Coincidence? Well, considering there are over 14,000 airports in the U.S., it makes one wonder if that airport was a symbolic first case since Reagan took on the controllers union 30 years ago. This all sure seems suspicious.

Would unions do such a thing as fail to do their job and risk American lives to gain a negotiating advantage? Well, remember this story about the New York snow plow drivers? And how a baby may have died because of it? Besides, all air traffic controllers would have to do is pretend to be asleep, while still being able to listen to the pilots in case they were really needed.

What would the liberals gain in this endeavor? First, today the FAA passed new rules in negotiations with the NATCA union. Although they didn’t get paid nap time on the job which they asked for[nor juice bottles or binkies], they did get a dozen concessions, including an extra hour of rest. That’s a win for the NATCA union. It also has begun a national dialogue in this area of nap time on the job in other work places. This story by CNN was done just 1 day after the first controller fell asleep. The media has been pushing how tired poor workers are all over the place. Its also a good test case for this kind of manipulation by the unions in the future. And so far it seems to be a success, if indeed the unions are behind this.

The big question I have is where are others questioning how this seemed to almost never occur and then for it to occur 6 times in a month with the first example at Reagan? I understand why the media would not question what really is going on since they may be partly in on it. However, the conservative media should be more suspicious and be asking more questions about the actual sleepers. I would love to know how many of the sleepers are near retirement age. How many have connections with the Democratic party. Etc.