What Should Bill O'Reilly Ask President Obama?

President Obama hasn’t done a tough interview in over a year. I believe Brett Baer was the last to ask anything difficult and that was a long, long time ago. Bill O’reilly is going to interview President Obama on Superbowl Sunday. We know O’reilly will be rude and probably not ask any truly effective questions. It will probably help Obama more then hurt him.

So what would be the most important and revealing question Obama could be asked? We all know Obama is at heart a socialist. With the real possibility he is a true blue Marxist. Yet we also know he would be prepared for this direct question and would scoff it off and deny any such nonsense. I believe that was his response the other time he was asked the question. So the question “are you a socialist” is a waste of time and actually helpful for Obama. Instead, I would ask President Obama since you have denied you are a socialist, what specifically are the negative aspects to socialism? 

Why would this be a great question? First, because we know deep down Obama is like Maxine Waters and he is just pretending not to be a socialist. And if you are a socialist you are one to the core. It is part of your being. It is the equivalent of asking a Christian what are the specific negatives of Christianity. So answer that question right now. Quick. Do it. Its tough to do.

Or explain the many problems of conservatism and why specifically you are not a conservative? Quick. Convince me. I’m waiting. My guess is your first response to my question was confusion. Unless you are prepared to answer this question specifically, you will have a tough time doing it without hemming and hawing. And we know Obama has a tendency to hem and haw already. The deer in the head lights look alone could be priceless.

My guess is he would try his standard scoffing off the question. Laugh, then deny he is a socialist and ridicule those who say he is. I would then say you didn’t answer my question and I would then repeat the question what are the negatives of socialism and ask for specifics since its such a far fetched concept it should be easy to answer. What does he do then? I actually have no idea. He may refuse. I would then ask it a third time explaining the reasonableness and importance of the question. Since it is reasonable and important. Fifty five percent of the country thinks you are a socialist so convince them you are not by telling them why socialism is so bad.

This is THE topic that must be delved into. If done properly it could really hurt Obama. What could he possibly say? Anything that we would say that is negative about socialism would drive his base crazy. Its like telling all your christian friends why Christianity is bad and doing so on TV before the Superbowl.

He would be lying as well. Its always good to see your opponent forced to lie. And many of the things he might say can be followed up with more tough questions. Also, if he actually answered the question specifically and gives reasons socialism is bad, O’reilly could actually play devils advocate and defend socialism. That would be fun to watch. It might force Obama to reverse course and reveal his true beliefs.

No matter what his response is, their would be good counter questions. It will be a mine field impossible to answer without body parts flying. It should also get Obama off his game for the rest of the interview.

So what is your question you would ask Obama if you had the chance?