Waiting For Supermen

Barack Obama’s 3 stated major issue goals when he ran in 2008 were education reform, health care reform, and energy reform[cap and trade]. The Dems went hard after the last two in Obama’s first two years. They were the difficult ones. They knew they would be controversial and make indies mad. They knew Obama would need his “welfare reform” moment before his re-election campaign like President Clinton had. Education reform will be it. In other words, this compromise has already been decided by the Dems years ago. The teachers unions will be the sacrificial lamb. The welfare mommas if you will.

Why do I say this? Lets start with the documentary, Waiting For Superman. I have not seen it, but everyone says its actually a conservative movie on this issue and goes after the teachers union. Who made the documentary? Davis Guggenheim, who also made the 2006 Al Gore global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth. When the Dems have an issue to push, hire Davis Guggenheim. But why push a un-liberal issue like this? Because like I said, Obama would need one and this was the sacrifice they decided on long ago. And they need to convince Dems not to go crazy when they compromise. They are actually trying to brainwash their own people.

Oprah Winfrey is on board. She had Davis Guggenheim and Chris Christie[hmmmm] on her show to talk about Waiting For Superman. Michelle Rhee is the 3rd face of this issue by the media and she also has been on Oprah. Rhee is a Democrat and voted for Obama. Although the head of the Washington DC school system “almost” voted for McCain according to Time magazine. So the head of education in the most liberal city in America almost voted against Obama? …LOL sure she did. Even Time magazine is pushing this.

Then there is Chris Christie. He does a number of videos such as here, here, here, here, and here going after the school unions. Conservatives drool with glee like its the greatest thing they have ever seen. Calls for Christie to run for President are everywhere. Yet, where is the coordinated democratic and media backlash against Chris Christie for doing this? Where? He gets soft ball media coverage. He gets praise from the media. And there is no attack from the administration. None. And even the blogosphere is pretty quiet. If what Christie is doing is so tough and so brave and so amazing and so conservative, why are they not attacking him in a barrage? Where is the “We must stop Chris Christie” campaign that we all know they could launch in coordination?

Its all a done deal folks. The Dems have already conceded this issue. Not clearly yet, but like I said they are doing documentaries propagandizing for Chris Christies position for gods sake. This is to prepare the way for Superman to do the right thing and be a centrist. Superman. Get it. Obama is the one they have been waiting for.

Many conservatives are being used and had and don’t even see it. They are playing chess and we are playing checkers. And Chris Christie is just a pawn in this game. And if he becomes popular and some day “queened” because of this, that’s OK by the media too. Because Chris Christie may be one of the most liberal Republicans in the country. And they know on occasion, even Republicans have to become President. If any Republican has to be president, they wouldn’t mind Chris Christie at all. And by that time, this issue will have already been solved by Obama. Other then budgets, what is Christie conservative on anyway? Chris Christie is the Democrats and media’s kind of Republican.

I know many are huge Chris Christie fans. And I have no problem with him being Governor of New Jersey. Nor do I have a problem with him tightening his belt and doing it at the expense of unions. But I sure hope people examine whats going on a little more closely and realize that what Christie is doing isn’t that big of a deal. Even Jerry Brown is tightening the budget in California. Do we want Jerry Brown to ever be the Republican nominee? Obama isn’t Superman and neither is Chris Christie.

When Christie starts fighting for something conservative other then his one trick, I might start ponying up to him. Until then, he is just a pawn rushing up the board in a losing game of chess.