Oh, Please Let This be True!

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Jacob Palmeiri wrote that Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) has been asked to join Joe Biden’s cabinet, as Secretary of Health and Human Services. The Salt Lake Tribune published There’s speculation that Joe Biden might consider Mitt Romney as secretary of state.

Let’s face facts: Mr Romney wouldn’t be any worse than anyone else that Mr Biden might nominate, and in either job, he’d be under the orders of the next [shudder] President. If he’s nominated for anything, in some faux reach across the aisles move, Republicans in the Senate should vote to confirm him . . . and get him out of the United States Senate.

The Utah state legislature is dominated by the Republican Party, 59-16 in the House and 23-6 in the Senate. Governor Gary Herbert is a Republican. Utah Code Section 20A, Chapter 1, Part 5, Subsection 4(a) specifies that, in the event of a vacancy in one of the United States Senate seats:

The governor shall appoint an individual to temporarily fill a vacancy in the office of United States senator from one of three individuals nominated by the Legislature, each of whom is a member of the political party of which the prior officeholder was a member at the time the prior officeholder was elected.

As politically conservative as the Beehive State is, Mr Romney resigning his Senate seat means that an actually conservative Republican would be appointed to fill the seat prior to a special election. More, I would have a real concern, if the GOP wins only one of the two Senate runoff elections in Georgia, leaving the GOP with an only 51-49 advantage, that Senator Romney might just switch to the Democratic Party, leading to a 50-50 tie, and thus giving Kamala Harris Emhoff the tie breaking vote, and the Democrats control of the Senate.

So, yeah, Mr Biden, please, please, please pick Mr Romney for your cabinet!
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