Let's Face Facts: Joe Biden Won, But it isn't the End of the World

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Look, I wanted President Trump to win as much as anyone else, but he didn’t, and he didn’t by a fairly large margin. Some conservatives are starting to sound like the left following the 2016 elections, screaming “Russia, Russia, Russia!” for four long years. They did unseat President Trump, but not by impeachment, not by forced resignation, not by rioting in the streets, but the old fashioned way, by winning an election.

You think the Democrats cheated this year? Well, they thought that Donald Trump cheated four years ago. Even if the Democrats cheated this year, they did it in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, states controlled by Democrats, so it’ll never be overturned.

The solution isn’t recounts, which will never change the outcome, but in buckling down to do the hard work of winning the two runoff elections in Georgia to keep control of the Senate, and then buckling down in the 2022 elections to retake control of the House. Conservatives need to fight for more state legislative and gubernatorial seats as well. Taking over more state governments is the key to crippling the left’s ability to cheat, and reducing the negative effects of a Democratic presidency.

And the most important elections coming up are for local school boards. Conservatives have for too long bewailed the Democrats’ control over public education, but the way to end that is to start campaigning hard for local school boards, and eliminating the political indoctrination that some teachers push.

The 2020 elections are over. Despite the loss of the White House, conservatives didn’t do too badly, having increased our numbers in the House of Representatives and, if we can win the two Georgia runoff elections, having lost only one seat in the Senate. The GOP did not lose control of any state legislative chambers they controlled, and despite Joe Biden winning New Hampshire, Republicans took over control of both houses of the New Hampshire General Court, the name of its state legislature. During the previous session, Democrats controlled the General Court, 14-10 in the state Senate and 230-156-1 in the House; there were 13 vacancies at the end of the session. On November 3, 2020 the GOP won control of the New Hampshire General Court by winning a 14-10 majority in the Senate and a 213-187 majority in the House. The GOP has also gained control of the state’s Executive Council, and Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) was reelected for a third term.

The 2021 and 2022 election campaigns started on November 4th.
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