I Guess That It Really Is All About the Color of Their Skins

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If a business owner said this in public, and was given serious attention as having a reasonable concern by a major metropolitan daily, how do you think the left and the credentialed media would react?

I’m here to support my people . . . making sure that our people, white people, are being taken care of and not being pushed out of the city. I’m just tired of a lot of the changes that are happening because black and brown people are moving here. . . . It’s a hostile takeover.

There would be marches, the business owner’s place of business possibly burned, and calls for his ouster from society.

But that wasn’t the actual quote. The actual quote, in The Washington Post, was:

“I’m here to support my D.C. people . . . making sure that our people, especially Black and Brown people, are being taken care of and not being pushed out of the city,” said Pam Williams, who owns an insurance business. “I’m just tired of a lot of the changes that are happening because White people are moving here. . . . It’s a hostile takeover.”

Here’s the story:

Black moderates fear losing power in D.C. with younger, Whiter electorate

By Fenit Nirappil, Michael Brice-Saddler, Julie Zauzmer and John D. Harden | October 23, 2020 | 3:30 PM EDT

A crowded D.C. Council race is again exposing the racial undercurrents of city politics, sparking a battle over who should wield power in a gentrifying place once known as Chocolate City.

Washington, D.C., went from majority to plurality Black a decade ago, and the electorate has since grown younger and Whiter. Black moderates worry they are in danger of being sidelined by a new generation of politicians intent on pushing a national liberal agenda.

At-large candidate Ed Lazere (I), a White budget advocate, is the favorite of left-wing activists, who think he would cement a majority devoted to addressing long-standing disparities and shifting resources from the wealthy to the poor.

But some of Lazere’s opponents in the 23-person field say the ascendant left relies too much on White activists and newcomers who, they claim, are out of touch with longtime Black residents.

The criticism, after a summer of Black Lives Matter protests, has prompted some White liberals to shift their support to former council aide Christina Henderson or Ward 8 school board member Markus Batchelor, both of whom are Black and left-leaning.

Quite explicitly, the Post is saying that liberal voters are changing their support based solely on the color of a candidate’s skin.

It’s a long article, but one which should be read. In a wryly amusing vein, one reminiscent of the #BlackLivesMatter protests mostly led by while leftists, the reporters tell us that this is a battle between further left white activists and more moderate — and I question their description of DC politics as being ‘moderate’ in any sense of the word — black city dwellers.

Race has also infused past D.C. election cycles, including in 2018, when Black restaurant owner Dionne Reeder challenged incumbent Elissa Silverman (I-At Large), who is White and part of the council’s left flank.

Reeder’s argument that the city needs more Black elected officials who understand disadvantaged communities helped her win Wards 7 and 8. But Silverman prevailed everywhere else in the city, handily winning a second term.

But this is the most schadenfreudelicious:

Racial divides also flared up when a group of young, mostly White climate activists who back Lazere protested outside the home of council member Anita Bonds (D-At Large) at midnight, condemning her support for Goodwin.

Bonds, who is Black, likened their tactics to the Ku Klux Klan terrorizing African Americans. Goodwin seized on the exchange to cast Lazere and his supporters as racially insensitive.

In response, another group demonstrated outside Lazere’s home with signs reading “Protect Black Women.” Lazere, whose wife and sons are Black, defended the anti-Bonds protesters and said demonstrations outside the homes of elected officials are appropriate.

Will Cole, a Black fitness trainer who has praised Goodwin, organized the protest outside Lazere’s house. He said he was outraged by what he saw as the far left’s disrespect of Bonds — and their inability to recognize the longtime contributions of other groups.

“They’re trying to be the saviors,” he said. “You can’t speak, because you don’t know historically what we’ve been through.”

White ‘progressives,’ the same sort who are leading the #BlackLivesMatter marches, were protesting a black candidate, leading another group to protest outside a white candidate’s home, while the white candidate has a black family, and they’re all using race to make their points. It’s between ‘you ain’t black enough’ and ‘you ain’t progressive enough.’ 🙂

But, of course, it’s not the liberals, not the ‘progressives,’ who are racist, it’s those evil reich-wing Republicans who are basing everything on race.
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