Philadelphia Has Tried 'Social Justice' Law Enforcement, and It Has Failed Miserably

In my previous article, I stated that there was no attention paid by The Philadelphia Inquirer to the fact that homicides in the City of Brotherly Love had passed yet another milestone. That was true when I wrote the words, but between writing those words and final editing and publication, the Inquirer did publish on the subject. I noted this in a comment in the original article.

The very appropriately named Police Commissioner, Danielle Outlaw, held a press conference:

Philly Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw decries the city’s surge in gun violence as ‘shameful and sickening’

by Chris Palmer and Ellie Rushing | October 6, 2020 | Updated: 12:35 PM EDT

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw on Monday decried the city’s ongoing and intensifying surge in gun violence, calling the staggering increase in shootings this year “shameful and sickening.”

Speaking at a news conference the morning after six people were killed in the city, Outlaw said the department, while “not above criticism” in its role in addressing gun violence, has recently put in place new strategies to increase narcotics and gun arrests, leading to to lower homicide rates in certain sections of the city in the past 28 days.

“It’s a short gain, but it shows that our efforts are working,” Outlaw said.

I suppose that we’ll see whether the Police Department’s efforts are working over time.

The Inquirer article was rather tough on Commissioner Outlaw, noting that she used a rosier statistic to ignore a month-long stretch of truly deadly violence. According to her Wikipedia biography, Miss Outlaw might not be quite a bad sort:

Prior to her resignation, Outlaw faced scrutiny for her perceived bias against antifa in Portland. During an interview with conservative talk radio host, Lars Larson, Outlaw referred to antifa protesters as children who “whine and complain.”¹ Previously during her tenure, the Portland Police Bureau had been under investigation due to a lieutenant having been found texting with the leader of the far-right group, Patriot Prayer.² Outlaw served as Portland’s Police chief for a little more than two years before moving on to Philadelphia.

I would hope that any Police Chief would have a bias against a criminal group like antifa! The riots and destruction by antifa and #BlackLivesMatter protesters demonstrate just how bad they are.

Commissioner Outlaw’s remarks must have dug at the skin of Philadelphia’s District Attorney, Larry Krasner:

Asked what has been driving the violence this year, she responded: “We don’t know, quite frankly.” She sought to emphasize that police are just one part of the city’s criminal justice system, and pointed to contributing factors outside her control — including the coronavirus pandemic, how suspects are prosecuted in court, and the city’s long-time gun violence culture.

“Until mind-sets are addressed, until the culture of violence is addressed, all the things that have been going on prior to this pandemic … we’re going to end up in the same place,” Outlaw said.

We have often noted Mr Krasner and how he came into office, supported by a big money donation by George Soros, with an anti-police platform. Mr Krasner ran on a platform to:

  • Stop prosecuting insufficient and insignificant cases
  • Review past convictions, free the wrongfully convicted
  • Stop cash bail imprisonment
  • Treat addiction as an illness, not a crime
  • Protect immigrants while protecting everybody
  • Reject a return to the failed drug wars of the past
  • Stand up to police misconduct

Philadelphia magazine reported:

As the Inquirer reported on June 23rd, Krasner is funneling an increased number of gun cases to a court diversionary program called Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD). In 2018, Krasner’s first year as district attorney, 78 cases were sent to the ARD program, compared with 12 the previous year.

Why does this matter? Because criminals who carry guns usually intend to use them.

Maalik Jackson-Wallace, for example, was given a second chance by Krasner’s office. Jackson-Wallace, whose case was highlighted by the Inquirer, was initially arrested on a gun possession charge. The case was sent to ARD and Jackson-Wallace received probation. He was arrested a second time for gun possession and released on unsecured bail. On June 13th, he was arrested again and charged with murder; police say he shot and killed a 26-year-old man. (Jackson-Wallace’s attorney claims it was in self-defense.)

When Krasner was practicing law in Philadelphia – specializing in criminal defense and civil rights cases – he sued the police department some 75 times. He doesn’t believe in the death penalty, and he’s called law enforcement “systemically racist.”

Delaware Valley News reported on some of Mr Krasner’s greatest hits as listed by U S Attorney William McSwain. Mr McSwain noted thirteen people who are now stone-cold graveyard dead at the hands of thugs previously treated very leniently by Mr Krasner and his office, and set free when they could, and should, have been locked up at the times they committed their killings.

No wonder Commissioner Outlaw is upset with “how suspects are prosecuted in court.” The police arrest these guys, take them, into custody, and then Mr Krasner and his crew of social justice warriors turn them loose. Mr Krasner seems to think that mass incarceration is a huge societal problem, but that’s wrong; the problem is that not enough criminals are incarcerated, and that they are not incarcerated long enough.

These aren’t even good trades for Mr Krasner. Sparing a thug five years in jail and then giving those guys the opportunity to go out and commit crimes which could land them in prison for the rest of their lives isn’t doing them any favors.

Commissioner Outlaw noted a real problem: that there’s a culture of violence in some parts of Philadelphia.  Mr Krasner isn’t the cause of that culture; he simply aids and enables it. The only real cure has to come from within the neighborhoods themselves; solutions cannot be imposed from outside. Violence exists because the people tolerate it, and go along with it. People in the crime-ridden areas of Philly need to stop hiding the bad guys, need to start cooperating with the police, need to help get the bad guys off the streets.  Until that happens, nothing will get better.
¹ – Portland Police Face Questions Of Impartiality After Radio Show Comments
² – Texts Between Portland Police and Patriot Prayer Ringleader Joey Gibson Show Warm Exchange
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