The Editors of The Philadelphia Inquirer Would Trade More Black Lives to Defeat President Trump

The Editors of The Philadelphia Inquirer Would Trade More Black Lives to Defeat President Trump
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I have already said that President Trump should not send federal law enforcement agents to our major cities to deal with the political unrest. The good citizens of those cities, New York, Chicago, Portland and Philadelphia, have been voting for Democrats for decades, and they have the governments for which they voted. Let them reap what they have sown.

Well, the editors of The Philadelphia Inquirer, who have supported Democrats all along,¹ are unhappy:

Trump’s federal agents are not welcome in Philly

by The Inquirer Editorial Board | [email protected] | Posted: July 21, 2020 | 4:08 PM

In Portland, Ore., where protesters have been active for nearly two months, masked armed federal agents without any identification have been abducting protesters into unmarked vehicles, as well as using tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash-bangs. They were from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, at the behest of President Donald Trump, who applauded their use of force. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown called on the federal agents to leave.

On Monday, Trump threatened to send federal forces to New York, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, Calif., and Philadelphia. Trump expanded his reasoning from dealing with civil unrest to gun violence. The White House plans to send 175 agents to Chicago to “help” with violent crime, despite Mayor Lori Lightfoot pleading for no such measure.

All the cities that Trump mentioned at the Oval Office have two things in common: They are led by Democratic mayors, and they have large Black populations. With less than four months to the general election, Trump is doubling down on the politics of fear and racism. His reelection message, which he has been tweeting ad nauseam, is that a Democratic win in November would mean chaos and crime. To make his case, Trump is using every tool he has — including militarized forces of the Department of Homeland Security — to inflame tensions with disregard to lives.

Trump’s agents are not welcome in Philadelphia. This city and residents are not pawns for Trump to play his divisive brand of politics with.

The editors continue to tell us, disapprovingly, that the Philadelphia Police are already using the same tactics the federal people have used in Portland, Oregon: tear gas, rubber bullets and mass arrests. The editors don’t know whether to blame Mayor Jim Kenney or Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw for the early decisions during the unrest, and have questions about the scapegoating of city managing director Brian Abernathy, but one fact that they just can’t escape is that, at the end of July 20th, Philadelphia had seen 230 murders, up from 180 on the same day last year, a 28% increase. More to the point, that is 100 murders more than by July 20th in 2014, when Michael Nutter was Mayor and Charles Ramsey the Police Commissioner.

July 20th was the 202nd day of the year. That’s 1.139 murders per day in the City of Brotherly Love. At that rate, on August 5th, Philadelphia ought to equal the number of homicides for all of 2014.

Philadelphia is on track for 455 total murders this year, but the editors don’t think that law enforcement in the city needs help?

Nope, they don’t, but if you follow the link and read the editorial, you’ll see that their primary objective isn’t to staunch the flow of blood on the city’s streets, but to unseat President Trump in the 2020 election. That a few more citizens have to die, well, I suppose that’s a price the editors are willing to pay.

We have recently noted the chaos at The New York Times as the young #woke are terrifying the adult supervision. Well, the Inquirer has its own problems with the idiots, and Executive Editor and Senior Vice President Stan Wischnowski was fired resigned because he published the article “Buildings Matter, Too,” which expressed concern that some historic buildings in Philadelphia had been and more could be damaged in the #BlackLivesMatter protests.

I’m not quite sure how people could have been worried about historic buildings being damaged by peaceful protests . . . unless the protests were not peaceful.

So, perhaps you will pardon me for saying this, but the remaining editors of The Philadelphia Inquirer are not men of sound judgement. They “resigned” a top editor, who had been with the newspaper for twenty years, because some of the children on their staff threw a hissy fit, when they should have simply said, “See ya!” to the #woke and hired some of the good journalists who’ve been put out on the street by constant print media downsizing to replace the crybabies.
¹ – The last Republican presidential candidate endorsed by The Phiuladelphia Inquirer was Gerald Ford in 1976. The last Republican presidential candidate endorsed by The New York Times was Dwight D Eisenhower in 1956, and The Washington Post has never endorsed a Republican.
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