Media Bias: NBC News and The Chicago Sun Times Omit One Tiny Piece of Information

AP Photo/David Banks

NBC News didn’t give us all of the facts:

Chicago teen allegedly killed woman, 37, after learning she was transgender

Chicago police said Oliver Perez, 18, killed Selena Reyes-Hernandez because he was upset to learn she was transgender after he went home with her.

By Phil McCausland | June 20, 2020, 4:43 PM EDT

A Chicago teenager faces a charge of first-degree murder in the death of a 37-year-old woman, whom he allegedly killed after learning she was transgender.

Orlando Perez, 18, was taken into custody by Chicago police after admitting to shooting Selena Reyes-Hernandez in the head and back on May 31. Perez allegedly was upset to discover Reyes-Hernandez was transgender after he went home with her, police said.

“Once the offender realized that this victim was actually transgender, the offender became very upset,” Brendan Deenihan, chief of detectives for Chicago police, said at a press conference Wednesday. “He left the residence, became more upset, and that’s when he came back to the residence.”

Perez was charged with first-degree murder on Tuesday. Cook County Circuit Court Judge Arthur Wesley Willis ordered that Perez be held without bail on Wednesday. The teenager’s next court date is July 6.

Neither NBC News nor The Chicago Sun-Times story provided one rather crucial piece of information: did Mr Reyes-Hernandez¹ perform a sex act on Mr Perez? If Mr Reyes-Hernandez performed a sex act on Mr Perez before Mr Perez realized that Mr Reyes-Hernandez was actually male, he was raped! If that is the case, Mr Perez consented to some form of sex act with a person he thought was a woman; when that person turned out to be male, what Mr Perez thought to be a heterosexual act turned out to be a homosexual one, one to which he did not consent.

The Sun-Times reported:

Perez allegedly told detectives during a video-recorded statement that while inside, he asked Reyes-Hernandez if she was a girl. When she said she was trans, he told her he had to leave.

That still does not tell us when Mr Perez asked.

If the allegations in the stories are true, Mr Perez is guilty of murder: he was able to leave Mr Reyes-Hernandez’s residence, and was thus no longer being assaulted — if he was in the first place — and was out of the situation and any danger. At that point, he should have filed a rape complaint with the Chicago Police Department. Instead, he (allegedly) went back to his residence, got a gun, and went back to Mr Reyes-Hernandez’s residence and murdered him.

NBC added the political conclusion:

“Selena is the 17th transgender person to have been murdered, thus far, in 2020, that we know of,” National Black Justice Coalition Executive Director David J. Johns said in a statement. “This tragic taking of life feels especially painful as many people around the world risk their lives during a global pandemic to insist that all Black Lives Matter, and activists are working for increased protection and respect for transgender lives.”

The Sun-Times did the same:

Reyes-Hernandez’s murder took place during the height of the George Floyd protests here and across the nation that drew attention to the violence and discrimination faced by African Americans as well as queer and transgender people of color.

The fatal shooting also took place on the deadliest day of gun violence in the city in six decades with 18 people murdered within a 24 hour period.

In this, the credentialed media are deliberately obscuring the facts. the truth is very politically incorrect, but it’s still the truth: the majority of “violence against black trans women in this country” is against “black trans women” working as prostitutes.  If they can somehow ‘pass’ as real women, and their ‘johns’ do not discover that the women they thought they were with are actually male until after some form of sex act has occurred, they have been raped!

That doesn’t excuse murder, at least not the delayed murder that appears to be the case in Mr Perez’s crime, but it is a truth which must be told, and explains the killings. But the credentialed media don’t want to tell you that part. Why won’t they tell you that part? Because if those facts were known, a whole lot of people would lose sympathy for the victims and have some for their killers. If the killers were known to be rape victims, people would understand, and the left can’t have that! When an audience member interrupted Senator Kamala Harris Emhoff² (D-CA) at CNN’s Equity Town Hall circus, shouting, “How do we get those men to stop killing trans women of color? We are hunted,” she wholly misrepresented the situation. Mrs Emhoff answered, “I know. I know,” but she didn’t know. The brutal fact is that these “black trans women” were misrepresenting themselves as real women, and were killed by ‘johns’ when their customers, expecting to find real women under their clothes, found out that they were actually with homosexual males pretending to be women. Political correctness obscured the truth.

And the truth is what they want to obscure. To claim that ‘transgender women’ are actually women is unscientific and ridiculous, but if the media can keep repeating those lies long enough, perhaps they can get otherwise sensible people to accept it.

¹ – The Sun-Times apologized for telling the truth: “Editors’ note: An earlier version of this story included Selena Reyes-Hernandez’s birth name as it was provided by police and the medical examiner’s office. We have updated the story to remove that reference.” In accordance with my website’s stylebook, I always refer to the ‘transgendered’ by their real sex, their sex at birth, not what they delusionally claim to be.
² – Though Mrs Emhoff does not respect her husband enough to have taken his name, my website, The First Street Journal, does not go along with such disrespect, and refers to married women by their proper names.
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