Is Liberalism a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

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My thanks to William Teach of The Pirate’s Cove for cluing me to this story:

The Causal Link Between Getting Gonorrhea and Voting for Hillary Clinton May Be Incidental

By Daniel Greenfield | February 1, 2020

In 2016, most of Bell County, TX, voted for Donald Trump. But in the midst of all that vast sea of Republican red, lay the pool of blue voters in the city of Killeen which came out for Hillary Clinton.

Killeen is one of the Democrat enclaves that the party hopes will flip places like Bell County and Texas. Beto O’Rourke focused on the city of 127,000 as, more recently, did Michael Bloomberg’s campaign.

But Killeen is exceptional not just for its body of Democrats, but because of its diseased bodies.

The Democrat city placed 8th on the list of cities with the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control show that with 1,644 STD cases per 100,000, 1,630 gonorrhea cases, and 4,190 chlamydia cases, it’s not just support for Hillary Clinton going viral there.

The causal link between getting gonorrhea and voting for Hillary Clinton may seem incidental, but it’s what the cities with the worst rates of sexually transmitted diseases in America have in common.

The 20 American cities with the highest STD rates are Democrat enclaves. Some, like Killeen or Columbia, are Democrat enclaves within Republican states. Others, like San Francisco and New York City, are blue on blue. But they all share progressive politics and progressing social diseases.

There’s much more at the original. The author admits to being unable to prove causality, but I would point out that the cities with liberal voters also have liberal governments, and schools which start teaching sex ‘education’ early and often. One would think that places which are so thoroughly committed to teaching school children about sex would have citizens who know how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, but that’s apparently not the case. One would think that Baltimore, in which the public high schools have offered free condoms for years, and in which the city will distribute, free of charge, condoms by mail to “members of the LGBT community,” while people who are sexually normal have to go to the Eern or Druid STD Clinics to pick up rubbers for free, would have a lowered STD rate — and when did it stop being VD? — but the ‘Charm City’ leads the nation with a known STD rate of 2,004 per 100,000. How many people have the clap without it being reported is unknown.

Baltimore also has the nation’s fifth highest murder rate, and the highest for cities of over 500,000 population, so perhaps those left wing schools and liberal governments are failing at teaching other social skills as well.

Baltimoreans gave 84% of their votes to Hillary Clinton, and the city hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1967.

Foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia, site of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, is number three on the STD list. The City of Brotherly Love gave 82.53% of its votes to Mrs Clinton in 2016, and rather famously, had 59 precincts in which Mitt Romney got no votes at all in 2012. Philly hasn’t had a Republican Mayor since before I was born . . . and I’m 66 years old!

So, it appears that the places in which the schools are trying, but failing, to educate children as to the possible consequences of copulation, are also failing to educate them in plain, common sense, and that’s why they vote so heavily Democratic.  You cannot have gone through school these days without hearing that condoms are the primary preventative mechanism as far as STDs are concerned — the public schools would never teach that the best way to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is to not have sex! — but the public schools seem remarkably poor at transforming students hearing that to actually learning it.
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