How Bad Is the Democratic Cavalcade of Clowns?

Bad enough that after all of these long months of the Democratic presidential campaign, with such ‘notables’ as Eric Swalwell and Beta O’Rourke and Jay Inslee all having bitten the political dust — and they’ve had to quit when even Marianne Williamson, Marianne Williamson! of all people, has managed to stay in the race — the mostly unknown former Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA) thinks he has seen room to run for the nomination.

Seriously! He’s running, after having decided last December that no, he wouldn’t run.

Think about what that means. It means that after having seen better-known candidates like Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kamala Harris Emhoff (D-CA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) start up months ago, after seeing former Vice President Joe Biden come in as and still be the (purported) front runner, Mr Patrick thinks there’s room for him, a realistic chance at the nomination.

The New York Times noted that Mr Patrick’s and the potential jumping in of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg could seriously alter the campaign, and even Hillary Clinton said that she is “under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about” running again. 🙂

Politico said that Mr Patrick’s entry could threaten Mr Biden’s support among black Americans, but the two other (sort of) black candidates, the fast-fading Mrs Emhoff and the never-got-going Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), haven’t been able to do that. If it only takes a café au lait complexion to win support among black voters, that should already have happened.

But, in this #MeToo contest on the left, Mr Patrick has a bit of a problem:

Deval Patrick pushed out officials who wanted to put his brother-in-law on sex offender registry

By Michael Kranish | November 15, 2019 | 4:26 p.m. EST

Deval Patrick’s entry into the Democratic presidential contest has focused new attention on his 2014 decision as governor to push out two members of the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board who had sought to put his brother-in-law on the registry due to a rape conviction.

The case has been in the news even before Patrick’s announcement because his brother-in-law earlier this year was convicted of raping Patrick’s sister for a second time. The first rape conviction occurred in 1993.

In explaining why he pushed out the two Sex Offender Registry officials, Patrick asserted at the time that the officials had acted inappropriately when they sought to overturn a hearing officer’s decision not to place his brother-in-law on the registry. He acknowledged inserting himself into the case instead of recusing himself.

“That hearing did involve my brother-in-law, that is true. We’ve never made a secret of that, but it’s still inappropriate, and that’s the reason why I asked for her resignation,” Patrick said, referring to his decision to oust the chairwoman of the registry board.

Patrick, in a statement Friday to The Washington Post, defended his action in the case of his brother-in-law, Bernard Sigh. Patrick said he acted as governor to hold a public official accountable.

“Bernie Sigh’s impact on my family has been complex and painful for all of us,” Patrick said. “I love my sister and her children, and believe their chance to heal is best if left out of the public eye. But because of issues raised in a lawsuit filed against me as Governor, her experience is now part of the public record and it is important that the facts are clear.”

There’s more at the original, but there’s no way that Mr Patrick did not know this story would rise again. And yet, even with that, he believed that there was a reasonable chance he could have success in the primary campaign. This is as dumb as Roy Moore once again trying to win a Senate seat. It tells us, in no uncertain terms, just how poor the other candidates are.

Of course, when I heard that Mr Patrick was going to run, I did something really radical and looked at his campaign website. After all, wouldn’t you think that a presidential candidate would want to tell prospective voters where he stands on the issues, what he plans to do if he should be elected President?

Well, if you did think that, you’d have been wrong. Mr Patrick’s site has a “vision” page, one with some platitudes, but there’s no issues page, no listing of his proposals on how to achieve his “vision” for America. Really, the only fully developed pages on his campaign website are for his campaign store, where you can waste $30.00 on a $6.50 t-shirt — though it’s possible, I suppose, that they’ll be collectors’ items from a failed campaign — and, of course, his campaign donations page. Mr Patrick certainly wants to take your money, but he doesn’t think he needs to tell you what he’s going to do as President.

And this tells you even more about the Democratic candidates. Mr Patrick doesn’t think that the Democratic primary voters are smart enough to be concerned  with his positions on the issues.  Surely his staffers and he could have spent a couple of nights thinking about how to express his policy proposals — if he actually has any — and found a hungry computer nerd to turn it into a web page, but they apparently didn’t think it important.

To tell the truth, neither do I. Mr Patrick will simply be another also ran in this campaign.
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