British Court Rules Christianity is Incompatible With Human Dignity

I am becoming increasingly convinced that, for the left, anything, anything! which has any relationship to sex must be pushed to the furthest extreme, or they just aren’t pure enough. From The Economist:

Transgender rules for English schools face a backlash from women

Draft guidelines say girls who object to male children using girls’ changing rooms should themselves leave

Britain | October 5, 2019 Edition

The ongoing struggle within Western civilisation over who is a boy and who is a girl took another small twist in September with the leak of new guidelines for English and Welsh schools regarding transgender pupils. The draft rules, drawn up by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which enforces non-discrimination laws, are expected to be sent to schools this month. But after the Scottish government cancelled similar guidelines in June, activists in England have launched a campaign to halt the EHRC’s new guidance, saying that it would put girls at risk.

Under the new framework, schools would be advised and sometimes required to open up areas of school life that have until now been separated by sex to those who identify with that gender. So a male child who identifies as a girl could be allowed to use girls’ changing rooms, or be admitted to an all-girls school. The guidelines mean that, on school trips, trans pupils could lawfully be placed in a bedroom with a child of the opposite sex.

I’ve said it before: every bird, every reptile, and every mammal has the innate ability to recognize males and females of its own species. Only human liberals have managed to ‘educate’ that ability right out of themselves.

There is an obvious conflict: normal people understand the differences between males and females, but “trans-rights groups” are insisting that such distinctions are social, not biological, in nature, and insist that the guidelines are both correct and necessary, to foster the inclusion of ‘transgender’ children, to not make them feel discriminated against. The trouble is that not discriminating against them means, inter alia, discriminating against normal people.

Nicola Williams of Fair Play for Women, a rights group, says that whereas transgender children’s interests are consistently protected in the EHRC’s guidelines, the rights of girls are not given equal weight. “It must be made explicit that sex and gender identity are different,” she says. “It is especially important for girls to be able to recognise and name the male sex, otherwise the right to assert their boundaries is taken away.” If a girl feels uncomfortable that a male child who identifies as a girl is using the girls’ changing room, the new guidance says that the girl who feels awkward, not the trans child, should go and change elsewhere. “We need to be sympathetic to kids with gender dysphoria but without impinging on the rights of other children,” says Tanya Carter of the Safe Schools Alliance, another rights group. “There are horrendous safeguarding issues around these guidelines.”

Emphasis mine.

Where is “elsewhere”? If “elsewhere” exists, then why should the normal children be forced to use them, rather than the very few ‘trans’ children? If concern for the ‘feelings’ of everybody are of equal value, then ought not the additional concern for safety tilt the balance toward segregating the ‘trans’ kids rather than forcing the isolation of the normal ones?

What we have is a situation in which adults, the vast majority of whom have undressed in the presence of someone of the opposite sex, thinking that such is really no big deal, that the kids just need to get used to it. And, as they mature, and become not-children, they will: that’s part of growing up.

But it has to be remembered: those adults who have undressed in the presence of the opposite sex have done so voluntarily, and in most cases with individuals they know and with whom they have consented. With the EHRC guidelines, the element of the involuntary is introduced, among children who lack the maturity to consent, in the presence of people who may be strangers or only barely known to them. Given the left’s push over more rigorous communication of consent, and their righteous indignation over situations in which sex was coerced among adults — see Harvey Weinstein — or forced on juveniles — see Jeffrey Epstein — why would the left want to force prepubescent and adolescent children into sexual situations?

And let’s not kid ourselves: putting biological males and females into changing rooms together is a sexual situation. It’s an immature sexual situation, but a sexual situation nevertheless. We prosecute and imprison people who share nude images of minors, but the left want to put minors into situations in which they are going to be seen undressed by members of the opposite sex.

The left, of course, in their mindset that anything that has anything to do with the slightest restriction or hesitancy on sex is an evil right-wing reactionary belief, and must be resisted, seemingly feel obligated to push ‘trans rights’ rather than listen to plain common sense. Even the ‘transgendered’ believe that there are two sexes, male and female; they just believe they were ‘assigned’ the wrong one at birth.¹

Yet so many on the left seem unable to understand that sex, as a biological characteristic, simply is. It’s not something subject to judgement or to personal feelings or desires.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” — Genesis 1:27

Maybe that’s the problem; maybe the left are so anti-religious that they can’t accept the truth of all of our history, that human beings were created, whether by God or evolution or Mother Nature, as separately male and female, and that these things are not subject to change. But, for whatever reasons there are, many on today’s left have managed to become so stupid that they are dumber than iguanas or blue jays or cows. We cannot allow such boneheadedly stupid people to regulate society.
¹ – No, I do not accept the cockamamie notion that people are ‘assigned’ a sex at birth; every sexually reproducing species on earth is either male or female, based upon its genetic code and biological development. That there are some genetic or developmental defects in which sex is indeterminate or improperly developed does not change the truth of this.
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