The public schools think that they should be rearing our children

FILE - In this Sept. 9, 2015 file photo, students arrive for the first day of school at Stuyvesant High School in New York. A push to diversify New York City's most elite public high schools is facing a backlash from the group that makes up most of the schools' current student bodies: Asian-Americans. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

Breitbart News had a story about a divorced mother objecting to survey questions put to her middle-school son:

Louisiana Parents Outraged over State ‘Health’ Survey Asking Sexually Explicit Questions

Parents in Oakdale, Louisiana expressed outrage after their middle-school children were asked sexually explicit questions on a survey at the school-based health center.

by Dr Susan Berry September 19, 2019

One parent, Christin Willis, provided KPLC TV with a list of several questions from the survey:

  • Have you ever had any type of sex — vaginal, anal or oral sex?
  • Have you ever been attracted to the same sex?
  • Girl to girl or guy to guy?
  • Or do you feel that you are gay, lesbian or bisexual?”

Further down:

Willis, a divorced mother who shares custody with her ex-husband, said she was not asked to have her son pulled out of class and taken to the school-based health center to take the survey. Her ex-husband, however, gave his consent for their son to have a physical at the center in order to play football.

Mrs Willis cast no blame on her former husband, but said that she spoke with him and his current wife; they told her that the only thing the boy’s father thought he had consented to was the physical.

Willis said when she asked about the survey questions at the school-based health center, she was told children must take the survey in order for the center to receive grant money.

“I don’t like my child being used for you to get money for a system that I don’t support,” Willis said. “We have a health care facility, we have a doctor. If I want to discuss sexually explicit things with my children, I’ll do so in my home or at my doctor’s office — his doctor’s office.”

There’s a lot more in the Breitbart article about funding for these “School-Based Health Centers,” and their creation under the ObaminableCare legislation. What got to me was the School Board’s explanation of the survey:

The screening tool was designed by Dr. Jennifer Salerno and is utilized by school health centers nationwide. It was offered as a reliable screening method by the state Office of Public Health for use in selected Louisiana school health centers. The screening questionnaire is conducted as part of a child well visit. The mother did not agree with the wording in 2 or 3 of the 21-question screening survey. The Allen Parish School board agrees with the mother and is working to change/remove these particular questions.

[T]he Oakdale School-Based Health Center is one of over 60 sites in the state of Louisiana who receive grant funding in part from the Department of Health, Office of Public Health, Adolescent School Based Health Center. This funding is used for the salaries and the operation of the School-Based Health Center. In return for the funding, these school-based health centers have certain medical and behavioral health services that must be provided at each site.

Let me translate that: in order to receive funding for the School-Based health Center, the school must subject students, in this case, a middle-school student, to a ‘health’ survey which includes questions about his sexual activities and preferences.

Why did Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, think that a survey of subjects like this, was important? Here are the 21 yes or no questions asked in the survey:¹

  1. In the past 12 months, have you ever tried to lose weight by taking diet pills or laxatives, making yourself vomit (throw up) after eating, or starving yourself?
  2. Do you eat some fruits and vegetables every day?
  3. Do you exercise (run, dance, swim, bike, play basketball, etc) for at least 60 minutes, 3 or more days a week?
  4. Do you always wear a lap/seat belt when driving or riding in a car, truck, or van?
  5. Do you always wear a helmet when rollerblading, biking, or skateboarding?
  6. During the past month, have you been threatened, teased, or hurt by someone (on the web, text, or in person), or has anyone made you feel sad, hurt, or afraid?
  7. Has anyone ever abused you physically (hit, slapped, kicked), emotionally (threatened or made you feel afraid) or forced you to have sex or be involved in sexual activities when you didn’t want to?
  8. Have you ever carried a weapon (knife, gun, club, etc.) to protect yourself?
  9. In the past three months, have you smoked cigarettes or any other form of tobacco (black and mild, hookah, etc.) or chewed/used smokeless tobacco?
  10. In the past 12 months, have you driven a car while drunk, high or while texting or ridden in a car with a driver who was?
  11. In the past 3 months, have you drunk any alcohol (beer, wine coolers, liquor, etc.) other than a few sips?
  12. In the past 12 months, have you smoked marijuana, used other street drugs, steroids, or sniffed inhalants (“huffed” household products)?
  13. In the past 12 months, have you used someone else’s prescription (from a doctor or other health care provider) or non-prescription (from a store) drugs to sleep, stay awake, calm down or get high?
  14. Have you ever had any type of sex (vaginal, anal or oral sex)?
  15. Have you ever been attracted to the same sex (girl to girl / guy to guy) or do you feel that you are gay, lesbian or bisexual?”
  16. If you have had sex, do you always use a method to prevent sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy (condoms, female barriers, etc)?
  17. Do you have questions about abstinence (saying no to sex), condoms, birth control, HIV/AIDS, or sexually transmitted infections (STI)?
  18. In the past month, did you often feel very sad or down as though you had nothing to look forward to?
  19. Do you have any serious problems or worries at home or at school?
  20. In the past 12 months, have you seriously thought about killing yourself, tried to kill yourself, or have you purposely cut, burned or otherwise hurt yourself?
  21. Do you have at least one adult in your life that you can talk to about any problems or worries?

Do not think that this survey was simply to gather aggregate data. No, it was meant to be used as an intervention tool, because all of the survey forms included personal information (name, sex, insurance, birthdate, ethnicity/race and registration number) at the top, and, at the bottom, a “For Office Use Only,” section with Evaluation:

  • At risk counseled
  • At risk needs f/u²
  • No current risk
  • Referred to:

And the form origination:

  • ©2006, The Regents of the University of Michigan, Version 3 (2011) www.raaps.org

The only thing that surprised me was that there were no questions concerning parents smoking, drug use or whether there was a firearm in the home.

Now, first of all, what kind of moron believes that a survey like this will be answered honestly? Several of the questions ask about illegal activity, concerning tobacco, alcohol and drug use, the carrying of weapons, intoxicated driving and underaged sex, and students who have engaged in this stuff are highly unlikely to report it on a survey which includes identifying data.

But, secondly, in school systems nationwide that are having problems teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, this is a survey intended to enable ‘intervention’ by ‘professionals’ in how children are being reared by their parents.  As noted in the Breitbart article, “School-Based Health Centers were created in the Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) legislation with the support of the nation’s largest teachers’ unions.”  The teachers’ unions have long thought that teachers are somehow superior to parents and should have ever-more control over children, from when they arise in the morning until they go to bed at night.

Of course, a lot of public school teachers think that means other people’s children, not their own:

A fifth of all school teachers with school-age children has placed a child in a private school, and nearly three out of ten have used one or more of the main alternatives to the traditional public school— private school, charter school, and homeschooling.

Public school teachers use private schools for their own children at a higher rate than the population as a whole:

School teachers are much more likely to use a private school than are other parents. No less than 20% of teachers with school age children, but only 13% of non-teachers, have sent one or more of their children to private school. Teachers are also just as likely to make use of a charter school or to homeschool their child as other parents.

Thomas Sowell noted:

It’s not just black politicians who fight tooth and nail against parental school choice and have their children in private schools. When President Obama’s White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel resigned and became mayor of Chicago, he did not enroll his children in the Windy City’s public schools. He enrolled his son and two daughters in the University of Chicago Lab Schools.³ And members of Congress, regardless of race, are three to four times likelier than the public to send their children to private schools.

According to a 2004 Thomas B. Fordham Institute study, more than 1 in 5 public school teachers sent their children to private schools. In some cities, the figure is much higher. In Philadelphia, 44 percent of the teachers put their children in private schools; in Cincinnati, it’s 41 percent, and Chicago (39 percent) and Rochester, N.Y. (38 percent), also have high figures. In the San Francisco-Oakland area, 34 percent of public school teachers enroll their children in private schools, and in New York City, it’s 33 percent.

That would include those Members of Congress who thought it was a great idea for the federal government to create those School-Based Health Centers, to intervene in the lives of the plebeians. ‘Twas for thee, not for them. They didn’t need nosy education and health care professionals snooping in their families’ lives.

The whole notion that Teh Government should supervise child rearing is repugnant, and is something that the Trump Administration should end, as soon as possible. The nation’s public schools aren’t doing a good enough job in their (supposedly) primary role of educating children; we certainly don’t need them meddling in other areas.
¹ – These questions were transcribed by me, from an image of the survey provided by KPLC-TV News.
² – f/u means “follow up,” not what you were thinking, you scalawag!
³ – This was where Barack and Michelle Obama sent their daughters when they lived in Chicago, before enrolling them in tony Sidwell Friends School after they moved to the nation’s capital. President Carter sent his daughter Amy to a predominantly black public school, but he is unique among Presidents in having done so. Chelsea Clinton attended public school when her family lived in Arkansas, but was enrolled in private school when her father became President.
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