Why Is This News?

Why are the credentialed media suffering a loss of respect? The left would blame it on President Trump and his attacks on #FakeNews, and yes, some of that is true.

But the oh-so-professional journalists of the credentialed media are doing a whole lot of damage to themselves. From USA Today:

Ed Smart, father of kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart, comes out as gay

Ryan W. Miller, USA TODAY | Published 9:06 a.m. ET August 16, 2019 | Updated 12:39 p.m. ET August 16, 2019

Ed Smart, the father of kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart, came out as gay in a letter for family and friends posted to Facebook and said he and his wife are separating, local media in Utah reported.

Smart confirmed to the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune that he wrote the letter but declined to comment further. The Tribune reported that the post published Thursday has since been deleted.

Elizabeth Smart told the newspapers that she was “deeply saddened” by her parents’ separation, but didn’t comment on her father’s sexuality.

Mr Smart told his family and friends, via Facebook, about his sexuality, and that he and his wife are divorcing. He didn’t announce it to the media, but two local papers found it and decided that the whole wide world needed to know. Mr Smart deleted the Facebook post.

But that wasn’t good enough for NBC News, no, not good enough at all.

In a letter to friends and family sent through Facebook Messenger on Thursday, obtained by NBC News, Ed Smart said he was “finally acknowledging a part of me that I have struggled with most of my life and never wanted to accept.”

We aren’t told how NBC “obtained” this message to Mr Smarts “friends and family,” but they were sure eager to publish it. NBC, of course, wanted to play up Mr Smart leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, because Mr Smart complained he “mostly watched in silence for years as many LGBTQ individuals both in and out of the Church have been victims of ridicule, shunning, rejection and outright humiliation.”

It was not so long ago that we were told that what people did in their bedrooms is nobody else’s business. Now it seems that everybody has to tell everybody else about their sexuality, and the credentialed media are complicit and exploiting this. I expect the National Enquirer to do this, and I choose not to buy that rag. But now, USA Today and NBC News have shown us that they are no better than the Enquirer.
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