Media Bias: The Professional Media Hide The Facts In The STEM School Shooting

Alas! I had (sort of) intended to write on this story, but Robert Stacey Stacy McCain beat me to it!

Colorado School Shooter’s Father Is Violent Felon and Illegal Alien

Posted on | May 12, 2019

Pronoun alert — Mya Elizabeth (a/k/a “Alec”) McKinney is the female-to-male transgender teenager in the Highlands Ranch school shooting:

The father of one of the alleged STEM School Highlands Ranch shooters in Colorado is a serial felon and illegal immigrant from Mexico, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Jose Evis Quintana, the father of alleged 16-year-old killer Alec McKinney was once jailed for 15 months for domestic violence against Alec’s mother and ‘menacing with a weapon’.

McKinney has been charged alongside his friend Devon Erickson of killing one student and injuring eight others at the school close Denver, Colorado.

Records show Quintana, 33, who was also deported twice, had a string of arrests in the Colorado dating back from 2008 to 2017.

Court papers show that despite Quintana terrorizing Alec’s mother Morgan Lynn McKinney, 32, he managed to convince her to marry him in 2009, a year before he was first deported.

>Quintana, 33, who admitted to having a history of drink and drug problems, was sent back to his native Mexico on December 9, 2010.

Alec, 16, had posted a message on social media about missing his father, just 11 days before the Tuesday May 7 shooting which saw McKinney and friend Devon Erickson, 18, allegedly kill one student and injure eight others

There’s more at the original, though it’s not nearly as long as Mr McCain’s wont.

Mr McCain’s point is a simple one: he doesn’t focus on Mr Quintana being an illegal alien, nor on the fact that one of the charged killers is ‘transgender.’ Rather, he was noting that the credentialed media are flushing this story down the memory hole, trying to ignore it to death, as though it isn’t true. After all, if Mr Quintana is a twice-deported illegal immigrant, with a history of domestic violence and a string of arrests, why that plays into the narrative of the wicked Donald Trump. Add to that the fact he helped rear a daughter who was so messed up in the head that she didn’t know what sex she was, and, well this story simply does not fit Teh Narrative.

I googled Jose Evis Quintana,¹ and through seven pages of returns, not a single one is from any ‘credentialed’ media source in the United States.

Of course, the Daily Mail is a British tabloid with about as much respect as the National Enquirer, so we have to consider the original source. Trouble is, that’s just what our professional media are doing: by ignoring the story, it becomes sourced only by the tabloid, and thus becomes ‘journalistically untrue.’

One would think that an objective editor, having seen this allegation, would have some research done, to find out if the story is accurate.If the story is actually untrue, we’ll see such reported in The New York Times and The Washington Post and practically drooling out of the mouths of the talking heads on CNN. And if we don’t see that, we’ll know that they did investigate the allegations, found them to be accurate, and therefore kept their mouths shut.

Another google search, this time for Mya Elizabeth McKinney, the real name of one of the shooters, also turned up nothing from any of the credentialed media sources. A similar search, this time for Maya Elizabeth McKinney, did turn up one mention by The New York TimesA google search for Alec McKinney, the name Miss McKinney prefers — but not her legal name — did turn up results. Laughably, the first credentialed media source I found was by P. Solomon Banda and Kathleen Foody of the Associated Press, which said concerning Miss McKinney:

District Judge Theresa Slade delayed hearings that had been scheduled for Friday for Devon Erickson, 18, and 16-year-old Alec McKinney, who is listed in court documents as Maya.

That’s it; there was no indication that Miss McKinney was ‘transgender,’ that she ‘identified’ as a boy; it was left to the reader to infer that. A Washington Post story dated the tenth simply identified her as “Alec McKinney, a juvenile,” making no mention that she was ‘transgendered.’ Given that The Washington Times noted, on the eighth, that:

Court records listed the defendant as Maya McKinney, but a public defender said Wednesday that his client uses male pronouns and is named Alec,

there is no doubt at all that the Post’s reporters and editors did know that Miss McKinney is ‘transgender.’ But they still chose not to mention it.

Why? I have noted previously the credentialed media’s attempts to normalize ‘transgenderism.’ Even the conservative Washington Times story, which clearly identified Miss McKinney as ‘transgender,’ used the masculine rather than the feminine pronouns to refer to her.

Who can say if it is a deliberate attempt or simply the ‘normalized’ thought patterns of the left in urban America? It’s probably some of both, but regardless of the reason, the credentialed media are wholly invested in the wholly unscientific and completely irrational notion that a person can simply change his sex. The notion that Mya McKinney is male, should be thought of as male and referred to as male completely ignores the fact that she was born female, and was reared as a girl.²

There is more that is missing in the credentialed media coverage. Though it is not publicly known if the other killer, Devon Erickson, 18, is homosexual, his social media posts are full of condemnation of Christians who do not accept homosexuality, criticism of President Trump, and praise for former President Obama. Yet a google search for Devon Erickson gay turned up only one reference in the credentialed media, in The Wall Street Journal, at least in the first five pages, when I searched at 11:10 AM EDT.

From The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Los Angeles Times, or The Washington Post? Crickets. CNN? Nada!

How is it that these (supposed) newspapers of record, these great journalistic sources, are all ignoring this stuff? How is it that (apparently) every editorial decision taken by the major credentialed media in this country has been to ignore Miss McKinney’s ‘transgenderism’ and Mr Erickson’s social media posts?

Did we not hear every last detail of Nikolas Cruz’s life and “digital trail“? Did we not hear every sordid detail of Dylann Roof’s white supremacist beliefs?

Do we really have to ask why the professional media are ignoring this? When the facts do not fit urban liberal biases, do not fit Teh Narrative, the facts get ignored.
¹ – Research done at 7:45 AM EDT. Subsequent searches may yield different results.
² – Douglas County District Judge Theresa Slade, presiding, referred to Miss McKinney as “Mr McKinney,” despite the fact that the docket has her listed under her real name.
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