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From CBS News:

Teen found slain was scheduled to testify against her accused rapist

By Crimesider Staff | CBS News | February 8, 2018, 4:27 PM

KALAMAZOO, Michigan — A teen girl who was found slain in a wooded area of southwestern Michigan last month had been scheduled to testify against her accused rapist, reports CBS affiliate WWMT.

Multiple sources tell the station that Quinn Anthony James is a person of interest in the death of 16-year-old Mujey Dumbuya. James, a felon with a long criminal history, was arrested last week on allegations he raped another girl in 2014, the station reports.

Dumbuya, a student at East Kentwood High School near Grand Rapids, was reported missing by her family Jan. 24 after she left for the bus but never showed up to school. She was found dead four days later by a couple out for a walk in Kalamazoo, about 50 miles south of the school, WWMT reports.

Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety investigators have not said how the girl died, but have called her death suspicious, the station reports. The girl’s family reportedly believes she was targeted.

Dumbuya said James, who at one time worked for her school district and is her boyfriend’s uncle, forced her to have sex with him multiple times and in various locations starting when she was 15, according to court documents obtained by the station. James was arrested in November and was terminated from his maintenance position with the school district on Nov. 30, according to a Kentwood Public Schools statement released to television station WXMI.

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At least thus far, Mr James, who has been listed as a ‘person of interest’ in the murder of Miss Dumbuya, has not been charged with this crime, and it is entirely possible that he had nothing to do with it. But, to me, the very obvious question is: why was Mr James, a sexual predator with a criminal record dating back to 1991, released on bail after being charged with such a crime? Such a man was clearly a danger to others, to the community, and has, in fact, been charged with other ‘sexual offenses against a minor,’ and should never have been out of jail in the first place.

According to the story, Mr James admitted to having sex with Miss Dumbuya, several times, but claimed that it was consensual. Since Miss Dumbuya was only 15 years old, it could not have been consensual; he admitted to rape!

Yet some idiotic judge allowed Mr James to get out on bail. Bail was set at $100,000, and he was ordered to have no contact with the victim.

Yeah, that seems to have worked well.

My question is: if Mr James is eventually convicted of murdering the girl he was accused of raping, how will the judge who allowed him to be released be held accountable?

The answer, of course, is that the judge will not be held accountable; judges are immune from liability concerning their decisions in their official capacity. But clearly, this ‘judge’ has demonstrated poor judgement. His decision may well have led to the murder of a young girl; how he could continue to live with himself, if it turns out that Mr James was the murderer, is beyond me.
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