CNN's hit piece on Don McGahn

There are times I wonder if CNN has taken the editorial decision to go All Anti-Trump, All the Time, the way they did with the O J Simpson trial last century.

This morning’s hit piece was on White House counsel Don McGahn. The lovely and leggy Alisyn Camerota, so reliably conservative when she was an anchor on Fox News Channel, was interviewing Ellen Weintraub, a Democratic member of the Federal Election Commission, and the wife of Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD).

The purpose of Mrs Weintraub’s appearance on CNN’s New Day this morning was to label Mr McGahn a “chaos agent” while her served on the Federal Election Commission. She claimed that, during his tenure there, he worked to prevent election investigations, and that he had a “libertarian” attitude. Mrs Weintraub stated that the job of the White House counsel is to be the “conscience” of the White House, and to hold people there to the highest ethical standard, rather than looking for “loopholes” to allow people to do whatever they want.

That’s incorrect: the job of the White House counsel is to advise the President and his staff what the law requires, not what a Democrat believes is ethical.

At 8:21 AM, Mrs Weintraub admitted, explicitly, that she has no idea what advice Mr McGahn gives President Trump or his staff behind closed doors. Miss Camerota then asked, “If you are going to be a government agent or work in the government, why would you avoid enforcing the law?” What a shame she didn’t ask that question of President Obama and his staff concerning immigration!

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