Welfare for the well-to-do

From CNNMoney:

Trump’s child care plan is gift to the rich, report says

by Heather Long | @byHeatherLong | February 28, 2017: 7:06 PM ET

President Donald Trump has vowed to make child care in America cheaper.

But Trump’s current proposal, which he is expected to tout during his prime-time address to Congress Tuesday evening, will do little to help the working families who need the most relief. That’s according to a new analysis from the non-partisan Tax Policy Center.

Making child care more affordable is one of Trump’s signature promises to voters. It’s listed in his contract with the American voter. His daughter Ivanka Trump played a large role in crafting the plan, which includes three new tax benefits.

Just about everyone agrees that child care costs in America are astronomical. It now costs more to put a kid in child care than college (if you get in-state tuition).

But an analysis by the Tax Policy Center finds that Trump’s proposal is a gift to the rich. The tax experts at TPC say 70% of the benefits will go to families that make $100,000 or more. And 25% will go to people earning $200,000 or more.

“Trump has identified a real challenge affecting working families, but his proposal would do little or nothing to help them,” Elaine Maag, an expert at the Tax Policy Center, told CNNMoney. A typical middle class family earns about $56,000.

There’s more at the original, but remember: Donald Trump used to be a Democrat!

At what point does government largess and redistribution end? Is it tough for parents to pay for child care? Yup, sure can be, but why should my tax dollars be given to other people to pay for their child care expenses? Maybe, just maybe, if people took a good look at their expenses, they’d find, in a lot of cases, that it’s less expensive, and better for their children, if one of them doesn’t work outside the home, but stays home and rears their children, rather than having their kids reared by minimum wage employees at a day care center?

Hey, it worked for my wife and me!

The math was simple. At the time my wife became pregnant with our first daughter, she was making $5.50 an hour as a nursing assistant; this was in 1988, and the minimum wage was $3.35 per hour. The calculations were pretty simple: $1.00 an hour of her wages went for taxes, and $1.00 of her wages went to the costs of working, lunches, uniforms and fuel. Had we put our daughter in day care, it would have been $2.00 an hour out of her wages, leaving her working for $1.50 an hour, and with our daughter being reared by someone else.

It simply made more sense for her to quit!

Yeah, it was tough, and my wife learned how to get $1.17 of value out of every $1.00, but our kids never spent a single day in day care. After a couple of years, she went back to college, taking evening courses after I got home from work. Once both of our daughters were in school full time, she was able to take her primary nursing courses, and again, someone was always home when our children got home from school. She passed her boards as our older daughter was finishing the fifth grade. She was hired as a registered nurse, and worked 12-hour night shifts (7:00 PM to 7:30 AM), so there was still always one of us at home with our children.

Well, if we could do it, then so can anyone else! It took some hard work, and some discipline, but anyone who sets his mind to it can do it. Why, then, is President Trump proposing yet another welfare program, this one — according to the CNNMoney article — mostly welfare for the well-to-do?

The Congress should reject this proposal.