Democrisy: Hillary Clinton and #HB2

To keep up with Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential nomination campaign, Hillary Clinton tweeted:

The “-H” is supposed to indicate that Mrs Clinton wrote the tweet herself, rather than it having been the work of one of her minions. The linked article in the tweet refers specifically to HB2, the famous North Carolina “bathroom bill.”

Clinton: Bathroom bills are discriminatory

Democratic frontrunner and former Secretary of State Clinton wrote a tweet similar to Sanders’ on the same day.

“LGBT people should be protected from discrimination under the law — period,” Clinton tweeted. It was signed “-H” to indicate that she wrote the tweet herself.

Clinton’s official campaign website includes a section on protecting transgender rights and ending discrimination against the transgender community, presenting the candidate as a firm LGBT ally.

“Hillary believes no one should be held back from fully participating in our society because of their gender identity,” it reads in part.

According to the campaign, Clinton made it possible for transgender Americans to have their preferred gender reflected on their passports; as president, she intends to direct government to collect better data on crime victims and improve reporting of hate crimes to protect transgender people from violence.

Yet, Mrs Clinton missed returning to a Democratic presidential debate on time, because she wouldn’t share a public restroom with another woman!

Hillary Clinton Missed Debate Because She Wouldn’t Share A Bathroom

Patrick Howley | 20 Dec 2015

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton was late getting back to the debate stage Saturday night because she didn’t want to share a restroom with a Martin O’Malley staffer.

As Breitbart News immediately reported during the debate, the ABC telecast came back from a commercial break with an empty Clinton podium. Clinton went back out onstage, said “Sorry,” and did not explain her absence. The mystery grew: Where was Hillary?

Clinton reportedly went to the ladies’ room during the commercial break, according to The Boston Globe. Clinton even had a campaign employee on bathroom duty to make sure Clinton could quickly get inside the restroom and return to the stage. But when that staffer let in O’Malley spokeswoman Lis Smith, Clinton waited outside.

Why would Clinton not share a restroom with Smith?

The Boston Globe story noted:

The women’s room included multiple stalls, so it’s not entirely clear why Clinton and Smith couldn’t both use the facilities. Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill declined to comment for the story, but said there wasn’t a security reason preventing the former secretary of state from sharing a bathroom.

There’s more at the links, but the hypocrisy is enormous: Hillary Clinton won’t share a public restroom with another woman, and even had one of her minions posted outside the restroom to keep out the riff-raff, but believes that other women — at least, other women who are just commoners, rather than the 1%ers like her — ought to have to share public restrooms with men, and if they don’t like that, then they are just horrible people who don’t like or approve of the ‘transgendered.’
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