Why does Corey Lewandowski still have a job?

From The Wall Street Journal:

Kasich, Rubio Waver on Backing Trump as Nominee

GOP candidates react after cancellation of Trump rally in Chicago; Secret Service surrounds Trump at Ohio event

By Reid J. Epstein in Sharonville, Ohio, Patrick O’Connor in Largo, Fla. and Colleen McCain Nelson in St. Louis | Updated March 12, 2016 5:28 p.m. ET

Ohio Gov. John Kasich blamed Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for creating a “toxic” environment and suggested he may not be able to back him if he is the party’s nominee. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio also expressed doubts about whether he stands by his pledge to support the eventual GOP choice.

The candidates’ remarks Saturday came the morning after fights broke out at a Chicago arena where Mr. Trump planned and then canceled a Friday-night rally.

Mr. Trump said Saturday that a “planned attack” by protesters, some of whom he said were supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, necessitated the cancellation of the Chicago event.

On Saturday, Mr. Trump was briefly surrounded by Secret Service agents at an airport rally near Dayton, Ohio, as he was delivering a campaign speech. Authorities said Thomas Dimassimo of Fairborn, Ohio, leapt over a barricade and charged toward the celebrity businessman, the Associated Press reported. Mr. Dimassimo was later charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic, the AP said.

At a later event in Cleveland, Mr. Trump attacked Mr. Kasich for supporting free-trade policies that the New York businessman said have hurt the job market and economy in Ohio, and accused the governor of abandoning his state while running for president.

Mr. Kasich took on Mr. Trump at a brief news conference in Sharonville, Ohio. “Donald Trump has created a toxic environment, a toxic environment that has allowed his supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation to come together in violence,” he said. “There is no place for this. There is no place for a national leader to prey on the fears of people who live in our great country.”

Asked if he could still back Mr. Trump should he win the GOP nomination, Mr. Kasich said: “It makes it extremely difficult.”

Mr. Rubio, trailing in a state he needs to win to stay in the presidential race, said “I don’t know” when asked in Florida if he would back whoever is picked as the GOP nominee. “It’s getting harder every day,” he said.

Moments later, Mr. Rubio challenged a crowd of a few hundred supporters to “examine the discourse in our own party,” arguing that Mr. Trump has fostered a negative tone in his campaign that spawned the kind of chaotic protest seen Friday.

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There’s so much noise out there that it’s getting difficult to separate fact from fiction, but one thing is clear: some of Donald Trump’s rallies have become violent. Mr Trump blames it all on outside agitators, and it is possible that that is partially true. But when Mr Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, physically assaults a female reporter, not all of the violence is coming from outside agitators.

Let that sink in a bit: we aren’t talking about some part-time security guard or some over-zealous Trumpinista, but the (supposedly) professional campaign manager of the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. And while Mr Lewandowski isn’t a particularly big man,¹ real men don’t hit women, don’t wrestle women, don’t try to throw women to the ground. Had this been the campaign manager for any of the other Republican candidates, he’d have been a former campaign manager the very next day.
¹ – I was unable to find Mr Lewandowski’s height and weight on a Google search, but he is visibly smaller than the candidate, who stands 6’2″ tall. I was unable to find height or weight on Michelle Fields, either, but from her pictures, she is a slightly-built young woman.