Not only do the 'transgender' want to live a lie, but they want to compel everyone else to go along with their delusions

From The New York Times

South Dakota Bill on Transgender Students’ Bathroom Access Draws Ire

By Mitch Smith | The New York Times | February 25, 2016

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — For Thomas Lewis, a high school senior who plays trumpet in the marching band and works evenings at a grocery store, South Dakota’s contentious debate over transgender rights is personal.

Mr. (sic) Lewis, 18, who came out as transgender last year, has been speaking out against a bill that would prohibit public school students from using a bathroom or locker room for a sex other than theirs at birth. If the bill is signed by Gov. Dennis Daugaard, a Republican, by Tuesday, it will make South Dakota the first state to impose such a law.

Proponents of the legislation say it would help protect children and ensure everyone’s privacy, but its passage has inserted South Dakota into the center of a national debate about transgender rights and access to restrooms and locker rooms.

You don’t need to check this person’s genitals to recognize that this person is a girl.
Let us first note that The New York Times is all in, completely accepting Miss Lewis’ claim that she is actually male.² The Times continues throughout to use the masculine pronouns, and accepts Miss Lewis’ claim uncritically.

Mr. (sic) Lewis said the bathroom legislation, which was passed by the South Dakota Legislature last week, “creates more stigma,” increases the risk of bullying and sends a message to transgender students: “You’re so different, in a bad way, that you need your own bathroom, your own locker room, your own shower situation.”

In other words, the other students know the truth: they have not (yet) had the common sense educated out of them, and understand that Miss Lewis is a girl, will always be a girl, and is acting deranged in claiming otherwise. The South Dakota legislation would require public schools to provide a ‘reasonable accommodation’ for people like Miss Lewis, normally in the form of a single person bathroom, but that isn’t good enough for her.

But, further down in the article, comes the money line:

Mr. (sic) Lewis said the onus was on others to accept his identity as a man rather than on him to conform to their expectations, and noted that locked stall doors already ensured a layer of privacy. “Bathrooms don’t need to change,” he (sic) said. “People do.”

And this is the ultimate goal, to try to compel other people to accept the delusions of the deranged, to require other people to tell Miss Lewis, yes, you’re a boy, when she clearly is not.³

Why, I have to ask, is the ‘onus on others,’ others being plural, to accommodate Miss Lewis’ wishes? Why must other people be compelled to accept her vision of reality, a vision which clearly does not bear any resemblance to the real world, to the actual evidence? We cannot somehow compel Miss Lewis to realize that she is a girl; if she wants to continue in her delusions, I really don’t care. It’s really nobody else’s business, up to the point at which she attempts to make it other people’s business, by trying to force others to go along with her beliefs. At that point, I do care, and I say not just no, but Hell no!
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¹ – The actual link is to msn.com; The New York Times allows only ten ‘free’ articles per month to be read.
² – The original article did not indicate “Thomas” Lewis real name, but, having been born female, it’s highly unlikely that her first name is really Thomas. I checked several articles, including one by Miss Lewis herself, and could find no reference indicating her real name. She did claim that when she came out as transgendered, local school officials started to refer to her as Thomas and to use the masculine pronouns.
³ – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to use the power of the law to require people to go along with the delusions of the ‘transgendered.’