Hobson's choice

The kids would offer this “choice” on the playground when I was in elementary school: “if you were standing up to your neck in (insert slang term for feces here) and someone threw a bucket of (insert slang term for urine here) at your head, would you duck?”

That’s how I see a potential “choice” between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in November. Would the pro-choice-before-he-was-running-for-election, single-payer-supporting Donald Trump name a Supreme Court Justice who would be any better than one that Barack Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton would nominate?

RedState posting rule #6 states:

It is forbidden to promote or give any kind of support for parties other than the Republican Party, or candidates running against Republican primary, caucus, and/or convention nominees. Exceptions to this rule are granted when announced prominently on the front page of the site.

If Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination, I would hope that the moderators at RedState will allow an exception to that rule; if they do not, I may break it anyway. My guess is that I wouldn’t be the only RedStater to do so. I expect to vote for every Republican nominee on the ballot for every contested office other than President come this November; if anyone other than Mr Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination, I will vote for him, proudly, in the general election.

No, I will not vote for the Democratic nominee, whether it is Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, if Mr Trump wins ‘our’ nomination. It would be interesting to see if there will be an uptick in third-party voting come November.