Awww, I have disappointed the Democrats!

I got an e-mail from Debbie Whatshername Schultz:

DemocratsJoin us.
Dana —

One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting with supporters all over the country who are helping to elect more Democrats next year. And usually, I’m talking to people whose lives would be seriously affected — and not for the better — if we let Republicans undo all the work we’ve done: Health care reform, tax cuts for the middle class, marriage equality, equal pay provisions, progress on climate change — the list of progress that would be rolled back under a Republican president just goes on and on.

But here’s the thing: We can’t hold Republicans at bay and elect Democrats in 2016 without your help, Dana. So I wanted to make sure you had the chance to get your support on the record before the year ends. Here’s what we have on file for (you):

OFFICIAL 2015 RECORD (Click here to update)
NAME: Dana
EMAIL: (Deleted)

Right now, we need 13 people from Jim Thorpe to step up before our most important fundraising deadline of the year tomorrow at midnight. So if you can, pitch in $3 or more to support Democrats who know what’s at stake and will fight every single day — not only to keep the progress we’ve made, but also to move us forward instead of backward — and we’ll put you on the list of official 2016 Victory Donors.
If you’ve saved your payment information, your donation will go through immediately.

[Donation buttons deleted: I have no desire to make it any easier for anyone to donate to the Democrats!]

I’m so glad you’re in this fight with us. It’s a thrill to see folks like you so energized and ready to elect Democrats, because we’ve got lots of work to do, and we can’t do any of it without you.

So thank you. Really.


[mc_name name=’Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’W000797′ ]
Democratic National Committee

If you’ve made a recent online contribution, contributed by check or by mail, or made a purchase at store.democrats.org, this may not be reflected in your online donor record — but thank you for your support!

I certainly hope that it is true that they “can’t hold Republicans at bay and elect Democrats in 2016 without (my personal) your help,” because, since they will not get my help, that means they lose . . . which means that the country wins. And I am certainly proud of the fact that, to the Democrats, my TOTAL 2015 DONATIONS: $0. In fact, let me define that more precisely: my total donation to the Democrats is $0.00!

Instead, I will take the opportunity to donate to the Republican candidate of my choice, Carly Fiorina, and if you click on the button to the left, you can help as well. Right now, Mrs Fiorina is trailing fairly badly in the polls, and that must be hurting her campaign fund raising, but I’ll do what I can do to help. If Mrs Fiorina is not the candidate of your choice, then I urge you to consider contributing to the Republican candidate you do support.

After the failing presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, our country desperately needs someone who will take the tiller and put our rudderless foreign policy back on the right course; we need someone who understands economics, understands business, and understands foreign policy and the threats to our country and to freedom in the world that we face. Carly Fiorina is that someone, the best someone out there running for President. But make no mistake about it: any of the Republicans running would fit that description better than any of the Democrats in the race.