The public are voting on the left's gun control agenda

William teach has called President Barack Hussein Obama the “gun salesman of the decade,”¹ and I have to agree: it seems that every time he opens his mouth about taking away the rights of law-abiding Americans, people start exercising those rights more vigorously. “Politicalwoman” posted a diary on RedState about the things she heard in the gun sales line, and while it’s an anecdotal story, it reflects the truth about why there has been a surge in firearms sales.

WH Working on Gun Control Plan; Calls Recent Surge in Gun Sales a ‘Tragic Irony’

By Susan Jones | December 11, 2015 | 5:35 AM EST

(CNSNews.com) – Keeping guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them continues to be a priority for President Obama, and the White House is sending hints that he plans to do it soon by executive action.

Meanwhile, a White House spokesman on Thursday called it a “tragic irony” that legal gun sales are soaring.²
Speaking at a vigil in Newtown, Conn. Wednesday night, Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett said the president has asked his team to send him a proposal “in short order” outlining how he can use his executive authority to expand background checks on gun buyers without congressional action.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest was asked about Jarrett’s comment at Thursday’s White House press briefing:

There’s more at the link, but the very ironically-named Josh Earnest said:

So, you know, I described this, I think, in a briefing earlier this week as a tragic irony, that the more that we see this kind of violence on our streets, the more people go out and buy guns. And that is — that is both ironic and tragic.

I think the president’s view is that he is going forcefully advocate for the kind of gun safety measures that common sense tells us will not prevent every act of gun violence, but even if it makes some acts of gun violence less likely — and we can do all of that without undermining the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans — then why wouldn’t we do it?

Oh, maybe because the American people don’t see our President as even remotely interested in not “undermining the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans?” If President Obama could simply issue an executive order banning the private ownership and possession of firearms by everyone, he would do so, and so so immediately.

That more gun control legislation would not stop the bad guys from getting firearms was something that Mr Earnest conceded, though he perhaps didn’t mean to:

There are statistics about the large quantity of guns that are rather readily available on street corners and in gun stores all across America.

And what gun control legislation is going to stop gun sales which “are rather readily available on street corners?”

None, of course, because such sales are already illegal, but the people who buy guns on street corners are not only not interested in obeying gun control laws, but aren’t terribly interested in obeying laws in general.

That is the problem the left can never seem to understand: criminals, by definition, don’t obey the law, and people who plan to break the law, or to make a terrorist attack, are not going to let gun control laws deter them. If Syed Farook and his ugly wife weren’t afraid of launching an attack that could, and thankfully did, result in them being killed, what would make anyone think that fear about breaking a gun control law would stop them?

Our esteemed President was educated at some of the finest universities in this country, at Occidental College, at Columbia University, and at Harvard Law School, but somehow, some way, completely lacks the simple common sense which should inform him, should inform anyone, that the people who want to commit crimes, the Islamists who want to become jihadi, don’t give a rip about obeying gun control laws, and only care about gun control to the extent that their potential victims are more likely to be unarmed. At some point, we have to ask how the President, and how the left in general, can be so just plain stupid.
¹ – The “u” and “i” are side-by-side in a standard keyboard, and I made a typographical error on the first draft, calling our esteemed President the “gin salesman” of the decade, but I can see where my typo might not have been an error; this President has surely driven too many good people to drink!
² – CNS could be dismissed by some as a conservative-leaning news site, so I shall add this link to the very much leftist-leaning NBC story documenting the significant increase in firearms sales.