God bless fracking!

Heating Oil PricesThe environmentalists and the left and the Democrats¹ would have us believe that fracking is evil, evil, evil! but I, as a working man, sure have seen the benefits. The chart shows what I had to pay for heating oil last winter, in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, compared with what I paid for a delivery on Wednesday.

The great increase in domestic oil production, coupled with OPEC’s decisions to not cut production, has driven the price of oil down, and that’s a real benefit to working families in the northeast.

Now, to prepare for the oncoming winter, we bought this beauty on the 3rd of October:

Our brand new wood stove
Our brand new wood stove

We had noted previously that the Democrats, in their great zeal to help poorer Americans, had put forth regulations which would increase the costs of wood stoves, but, through smart shopping² (getting a 10% discount for taking the floor model) and a military discount (another 10% off), we didn’t do too badly in buying the stove. The previous owner of our home had installed a chimney and hearth for the stove, but never added the wood stove herself, so I was able to install the stove myself, without any additional costs beyond the vent pipes.

The wood stove isn’t quite enough to heat our home by itself; a tall, narrow two story duplex with all of the insulation you’d expect in a house built in 1892, the blower on the stove just doesn’t get much heat up into the second-floor bedrooms. We had anticipated this: the wood stove is meant to supplement the steam radiators, not replace them, and should reduce our heating oil consumption, but certainly not eliminate it.³

A bit of irony: with the decline in the price of heating oil, it will take longer to recoup the cost of the wood stove! However, the security of having heat even if the power goes out for an extended period is worth something in itself.
¹ – Please pardon the double redundancy.
² – We purchased the stove at Lowe’s in Lehighton, Pennsylvania.
³ – Total cost was $697.86. I hope to break even on the stove this winter, and then have it as a net positive in the winters after that.