The Obama Administration and the gutting of our military

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Throw the Book at Bowe Bergdahl

Leon H. Wolf (Diary) | October 12th, 2015 at 04:00 AM

Justice, at its root, is a word that means fairness. It means that bad behavior is punished – to a reasonable degree – and good behavior is rewarded.

There’s been a lot of focus lately on folks who have been punished by our justice system to an unfair or unreasonable degree, crushed underfoot by an unreasonable and unreasoning system. Several weeks ago, for instance, we covered the case of Sharanda Jones, who was sentenced to life without parole for a first time non-violent drug offense.

Justice is inherently at least a somewhat subjective concept. Some people whose lives have been ruined by the taint of drugs took exception to the idea that it was inherently unfair to lock Sharanda Jones up and throw away the key. But most people, both right and left, understood that there was an inherent problem with a system that almost never locks murderers or rapists away for life without parole, but did so for a crack mule with barely a thought, simply because the crack mule in question dared to defend herself in court and forced the State to prove their case against her.

On the other hand, the folks in charge of determining the appropriate punishment for Bowe Berghdahl have absolutely lost their mind with the amount of “mercy” they are willing to show him. To recap, it is now abundantly clear that Bergdahl intentionally deserted his post and wandered into a village that was known to be under the control of the Taliban. The investigator in charge of Bergdahl’s case has apparently concluded that these facts somehow do not lead to the inescapable conclusion that Bergdahl was attempting to join the Taliban or that he had Taliban sympathies, in spite of testimony to the contrary from Bergdahl’s platoon mates.

One wonders if this crack investigator is either the last person in America who believes that OJ didn’t kill Nicole, or if he was basically ordered to publicly play the world’s foremost naif at the behest of the Obama Administration.

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I’m assuming that the author, Mr Wolf, is not in any way surprised.

The Army is laying off a couple thousand captains and majors, many with actual combat experience, whilst retaining field grade officers with less. Why? Well, no one will ever admit to it, but it is because colonels and generals and even lieutenant colonels have been in the Army long enough to know how the game is played, and have gotten enough rank that it’s obvious that they play the game they know.

Oh, there was never any direct order from on high to let SGT Bergdahl off lightly, but through winks and nods, LTC Mark Visger, the investigator, knew exactly what his superiors expected him to do. They might not have liked it, and LTC Visger might not have liked it,¹ but the civilian leadership wanted exactly this result. And the only way we’ll ever know is if an officer in the chain of command on this one decides to retire and then tell all.

What else could have ever been expected? While we are laying off some valuable officers with real combat experience, the Obama Administration is pushing to open up the armed services to transsexuals. We don’t have enough money to retain all of those officers, but we are going to recruit and admit people who want some serious and expensive medical “treatment,” soldiers who will almost certainly be non-deployable for a large part of their service, and somehow we do have the money for that.

The Obama Administration is trying to make over our armed forces into the image that the left see for our society; the notion of having a military that is ready to fight and defend our country and its interests, well that doesn’t seem to matter in the slightest.
¹- We don’t actually know whether they liked it or not; it’s a lot worse if they did.
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