Her Inevitableness might not be quite so inevitable

From The Wall Street Journal:

Iowa, New Hampshire Voters Hold Dim View of Hillary Clinton, Poll Finds

Latest swing-state polls show Clinton fares poorly in match-ups against several GOP rivals

By Rebecca Ballhaus | Oct. 5, 2015 7:00 a.m. ET

Voters in two presidential swing states, Iowa and New Hampshire, hold a strongly negative view of Hillary Clinton and choose several potential Republican opponents over her in test match-ups.

Wall Street Journal Poll: New Hampshire
Wall Street Journal Poll: New Hampshire

New Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist polls of the two states found that Bernie Sanders is viewed more positively by registered voters than is Mrs. Clinton and draws stronger support as a general election candidate against several potential GOP rivals.Mrs. Clinton is well-regarded within her party in both Iowa and New Hampshire, with nearly three-quarters of the potential Democratic electorate viewing her favorably, the new surveys found.

But among registered voters over all, views are much less complimentary: Only 35% held favorable views of Mrs. Clinton in Iowa, compared with 59% who viewed her unfavorably—a difference of 24 percentage points. In New Hampshire, the gap was 23 points.

Mrs. Clinton also fared poorly in test match-ups against several potential Republican nominees in the new surveys, conducted Sept. 23-30.

There’s more at the original, and the complete poll graphics can be found here.

It’s simple: Hillary Clinton is not Bill Clinton. Governor Clinton tried selling his wife and himself as a team — you get two for the price of one — but she was never the politician he is. Even people who hated President Clinton’s policies didn’t hate him personally, but Mrs Clinton is not someone to whom people warm up. She may be very “book smart,” but there’s little evidence that she has either the common touch or common sense.

The lovely Mrs Clinton was our inevitable 44th President as well,¹ but, when actually challenged by a real politician, became rather less inevitable in 2008 as well. Mrs Clinton is being dogged by questions concerning her performance as Secretary of State, less about Benghazi than about the whole private e-mail server fiasco. She blames it on the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy™, but her problems are serious: while her husband’s problems were just sexual peccadilloes, which most people — unfortunately — didn’t think amounted to very much, Mrs Clinton’s problems arise from the cavalier treatment — at best — of government materials, some classified, and very possibly real crimes. And there’s no good or reasonable explanation for what she did other than a desire to hide things.

I confess: I will be very pleased if Mrs Clinton never becomes President of the United States.
¹ – There’s a truly laughable website called Hillary is 44, meaning our 44th President, that is still up and running and spewing bovine feces.
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