What's Going on in Georgia with the FairTax?--Plenty

A recent diary post by “FairTaxAdvocate” hardly seemed like questions posed by a supporter of the FairTax. It read a lot more like something from a DSCC staffer or campaign operative for Mr. Jim Martin–Senate challenger to Saxby Chambliss in Georgia. That’s OK because we have simple answers even for  campaign operatives.

The FairTax Truth Rally was held three wekks ago in Georgia precisely because we have become weary of the distortion ads about the FairTax that have been used by operatives out of DC this election cycle. The timing he asked about was as simple as that. The fact that these operatives placed hundreds of thousands of dollars of dishonest ads in Georgia revealed that they had no earthly idea how knowledgeable and passionate Georgians are about the FairTax. That presented us with a perfect “object lesson” and that’s why we came twice to Georgia from Houston to answer the lies. And by the way, people all over the country are becoming as knowledgeable and passionate about the FairTax–so please pass the word that such tactics will increasingly backfire everywhere.

A true FairTax advocate would already know that FairTax.org did intensive media work in Michigan two years ago against a “527” political group also placing dishonest ads–on behalf of a Republican challenger. Turns out the 527 group was funded by a DC tax lobbyist. Didn’t work there either. We helped design and place ads in Arizona three months ago naming the State Democratic Party chair as spreading “bull” to farmers and have spoken up everywhere we can when the FairTax is distorted for political gain. In fact, we have appeared on more than 700 talk shows in two years and never, ever shy away from telling the truth about the FairTax–or those who lie about it–no matter what party they come from. That’s education–not electioneering and is still protected speech under the First Amednment, thank goodness.

In this case, FairTax.org and our Georgia state organization hosted the “Truth” rally–and paid for it–and invited a number of guests including FairTax sponsor Saxby Chambliss AND challenger Jim Martin who had distanced himslef from the dishonest DSCC ads but then added to newspaper, “but the ads were true”. We were disapppointed that Mr. Martin chose not to attend.  I specifically told the wildly enthusiastic audience of the need for Democrats to support the FairTax.  I said that we would never see passage until our Democratic neighbors, advocates for the poor, union members and legislators saw the truth that the FairTax will help everyone. I asked each person at the rally to reach out to their neighbors and said that this was the one issue on which we could all agree, irrespective of party loyalty. That’s how much confidence I have in the fairness of the FairTax for all–and our supporters “get it”.

My speech was NOT designed as a warm up for Mr. Chambliss but as a scolding for those political operatives who try to rattle the public with half-truths about the FairTax to scare up a vote or two. It was also a rallying cry that the FairTax can save our economy by allowing distressed homeowners the significant take-home pay hike they need to satisfy mortgages and save their homes–without taxpayer funded bailouts. A cheering and passionate audience agreed that the FairTax is a permanent stimulus to our economy that restores consumer confidence by letting people keep their own wages without being punished for upward mobility. I went on to relate how leading economists predict $10-15 trillion of foreign-held wealth flowing into the US economy upon passage of the FairTax–a far larger and healthier economic jolt for our economy than borrowing hundreds of billions from foreign nations—and our children.

I did not endorse Mr. Chambliss, as our supposed “advocate” charged but did wish aloud that Mr. Martin would recognize how much the FairTax could help those who traditionally vote Democrat. After all, it does eliminate all federal taxes on the poor, keeps union jobs here in America, lets workers take home dramatically larger paychecks and ends the loopholes and tax gimmicks that are generally only available to the rich. I said to the audience that Washington generally does not “get it” and does not want to get it because lucrative tax lobby jobs and the power of Members of Congress–of both parties–to manipulate the tax code is too dear to those inside the beltway. Great gig for those in DC–terrible and destructive for all the rest of us.

Real FairTaxers know that recent essays at FairTax.org have plainly stated that we have never been a Republican, Democratic, Independent or Libertarian group. We are, in truth, made up of all of the above from hometown America, fighting against the corruption of self-dealing inside Congress. Lobbying the tax code is big business in DC with hundreds of millions of dollars spent annually and pieces of the code routinely sold off for contributions, as political trading chips and as favors to the wealthy few.  In this case, it’s hometown America of all political stripes versus DC and we readily profess to love Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and all those who have given up on any political affiliation. We’re all hurt by this tax system. We just ask for a fair consideration of the issue and the many benefits to America.

And yes, the FairTax featured South Carolina Democratic challenger Mr. Conley and every other candidate for the FairTax on our web site during the election but stayed away from any endorsement because we know the IRS would love to drop a ton of bricks on our heads–as would a lot of political operatives representing Washington, D.C’s hunger to use the tax code to reward friends and contributors, punish enemies and manipulate citizen behavior.

Finally, the “advocate” claimed to have sought answers from us and rather indignantly demanded them in his diary. But he never actually tried contacting us. How about calling up FairTax.org? Our number is 1-800-FairTax (I guess that one got by him in his past “advocacy”).

My name is Ken Hoagland and I AM a FairTax advocate. I’ll be waiting for his call as I continue working to make April 15th just another spring day…