What Extreme Really Means

Extreme! Extreme! Extreme! The term gets thrown around so often by Progressives that it has practically lost all meaning. (See also: racist, homophobe, etc.)

Aside from the Leftist/Progressive-imposed definition of the word extreme (adjective: a descriptive term applied to a person who disagrees with the brilliant leftist dogma of the moment, used when facts and logic are not on one’s side), there is an actual dictionary definition.

The word rightly applies to one who wants to ignore the rules of the game, whatever game it happens to be.

Imagine a group of poker players. One pipes up after a time and says in his best geeky, intellectual-elitist voice, something like this: ‘Um, you’re an extremist if you think you full house is going to beat my pair of twos every single time. You’re not letting me win my fair share of hands! What an extreme example of poker privilege and intolerance!’

After the remainder of the group were done laughing, the idiot would likely be shown the door to be replaced by someone who understands and respects the rules of the game.

Why in the world should we do any less with those that don’t respect the rules of our government, i.e. our Constitution – the most powerful document ever created in the name of human rights.

So let’s get straight once and for all what is extreme:

YOU’RE the extremist if you think everyone’s moral values, sexual preferences, and religious beliefs should be respected – except mine. You’re credibility as a promoter of tolerance falls to zero if you don’t thank the Christian baker for his time and go find another that wants your business, instead of forcing the Christian to do business with you against his conscience.

YOU’RE the extremist if you think the words ‘shall not be infringed’ are to be ignored, not enforced.

YOU’RE the extremist if you think it’s perfectly acceptable for a taxpayer-subsidized organization to rip unborn babies limb-from-limb and sell the pieces like a deli peddling today’s olive loaf.

YOU’RE the extremist if you believe that city governments can blatantly ignore federal immigration law by protecting persons who, by their very presence here, are criminals. And you’re even more extreme if you think the federal government should continue to reward these cities with taxpayer’s money.

YOU’RE the extremist if you think flying the United States flag anywhere in the United States is a micro-, macro-, or any other type of aggression against anybody. Anybody here from another country doesn’t like our flag? Go back home and you won’t have to see it again.

YOU’RE the extremist if you don’t believe that a nation has the right and indeed, the obligation, to protect its borders and know who is crossing them. Americans deserve to be protected from the drugs, diseases, and terrorists that are entering the country with impunity – and in many cases with the full cooperation and aid of the current administration. National security is an actual, Constitutional, function of the federal government.  The needs of any immigrants must come second.

YOU’RE the extremist if you support, openly or otherwise, any organization that calls for violence against any other race. Especially when their premise is based on a tissue of lies. (You do know that ‘hands up, don’t shoot!’ NEVER happened, right?)

YOU’RE the extremist if you support multi-million dollar athletes who protest our national anthem. Most of them have no marketable skills beyond the ability to run with, throw, or catch a ball. They are ignorant of the facts and you are a useful idiot in supporting them. In any other country they would be menial laborers, working like, you know, for not very much money. You know what I’m sayin’?

YOU’RE the extremist if you’re the professional football league that allows this nonsense to tarnish your reputation with the vast majority of patriotic Americans; if you insert yourself into a State’s business about which bathroom people should use; if you allow players to run on the field mimicking the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ meme (again, it was a lie) and do nothing about it; but won’t allow a team to put stickers on its helmets honoring murdered police officers because THAT’S too political.

YOU’RE the extremist if you think my teenage daughters should be made to dress next to a male who is part of the 0.02 per cent of the population too mentally confused to know what gender they are. These people are ill and need help, not accommodations that will be abused by predators to gain access to my kids.

YOU’RE the extremist, and not nearly as intellectual as you think you are, if you don’t understand and appreciate the priceless nature of the freedoms you seek to modify and nullify on a daily basis. It was freedom that built this country, not any government program.

YOU’RE the extremist, Mr. and Mrs. Progressive. NOT me.