Uturnium, the Reverse-Think Atom

It’s a truism that discoveries are made when least expected.

While playing a word game in the car recently we created the word ‘uturnium,’ which is the atom that causes drivers to do opposite of what would be expected in a given situation. This means things like turning left from the right lane, turning right with the left turn signal on, etc.

After some serious consideration, it becomes obvious that the supply of uturnium is much greater than first anticipated. Indeed, uturnium has contaminated the highest levels of government and society.

Consider the evidence:

Why else would a bill that will (and was designed to) put private health insurers out of business be called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? (How can a private insurance company deal with a competitor that doesn’t have to worry about costs, sets the rules for what must be covered, and can print its own money?)

If not under the influence of uturnium, would those that work hard and make the correct decisions in their lives – and expect to keep a little more of the fruits of their labors – be called greedy, while those that feel entitled to a portion of the wealth and labor of others be lionized by politicians and the media as outstanding citizens?

If not for uturnium, would spending be called investment? Would a budget item going up by 5 percent instead of 8 percent be called a draconian cut?

Would institutionalized racism (quotas, preferences, etc.) be treated as though it was somehow nobler than the older version of institutionalized racism (Jim Crow) that it replaced? Does this have to do with which groups benefit and which are held in check? That is racism!

Would giving a ‘taxpayer’ more money back than they had withheld from their wages (Earned Income Tax Credit, among others) be called a ‘refund?’

Would ‘pay their fair share’ become a catch phrase used to demonize those who have achieved success and who pay the vast majority of taxes already? Indeed, would wealth creation itself be demonized? Unless, of course, you’re talking about a celebrity that earns great wealth while demonizing the very society that makes it possible. See also, hypocrisy.

Would teachers and their unions claim to be ‘for the kids’ when their actions over the years show that they’re much more interested in their tenure and their perks?

Would the news media, whose job it is to act as watchdog, sugar coat or completely ignore stories that make one side look bad – like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the radical affiliations and policies of dozens of unelected, unaccountable presidential czars – while tossing ‘gotcha’ questions like ‘how old is the Earth?’ to the other side in an attempt to make them look unfit to lead?

Sadly, it seems that half the country is affected by uturnium these days. Only a rigorous program of education, of standing up for the truth, and calling out those who lie to further an agenda will stem the tide. It can be done and it must be done if our Republic is to be saved.

We must neutralize uturnium!